Friday, December 12, 2008

Mama I'm Coming Home

Well, "The Chick Magnet" rides again. Back into his own Barnyard he goes! How happy he will be.

Yes, they're releasing Daddy this morning, and he is going home. That doesn't mean he's in the best of conditions of course. But he's strong enough and out of the water enough to go home where he is happy and comfortable. We all believe that he will thrive his best in his own surroundings where he is most happy. Yesterday they started him on "Honey Consistency" foods that he seemed to swallow best, which he will continue at home, and as he is stronger and more able, we can gradually have him back on normal foods.

So good news, for now... and all I have discussed previously still stands. I know that everyone has an "exit time" and will have to eventually hit the trail and bid us "Adios", but for now, I am happy to have a chance to watch maybe just one more "M*A*S*H* Marathon" with my Daddy.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, love, and positive thoughts... keep them coming, because Mom and Dad will still need them in the days and weeks to come, as we head towards another mile.

It's Dedication time. This is a big song for my Mom and Dad, and I hope you enjoy it too. I'm not much into country as an adult, but I always remember these with fond memories because they take me "Home". This one's for you Mom and Dad... If We Make It Through December

Ain't It The Truth...


Jay said...

Yay! He gets to go home! He will do better at home. You can't get better in a hospital, they won't let you. And they won't let you get enough sleep there either, cause they keep waking you up and asking "are you sleeping?" LOL

Scarlet said...

I'm so glad he's heading home...WHERE HE BELONGS. Enjoy the time with your dad. After my dad's heart attacks and all the problems a couple of weeks ago, I relish every moment with him.

I hope he makes it through many more Decembers!!

Chelly said...

Hooray Jackie!!

I'm so happy he gets to come home and recover, and during the holidays to boot. Patients recover so much more quickly in a loving, home environment. Send your daddy a great big hug from me.

Lots of love,
Chelly :)

Chelly said...

Gotta say Jax, your Dedication was so sweet. Just listened to it. :)

BBC said...

It's good that he is back home, that is where one most wants to be.

I'm not sure that Helen would want to go to a hospital to be saved for a longer life.

Her views are much like mine and her will is current and her house is bare of most things and her memories reside in her head.

She just wants to die naturally in her little home that she has lived in since 1946 without them trying to save her until she has to end up in a care center because she would hate that.

I'm just trying to help that happen for her in my caring for her. If she starts to pass on I'm not sure that she would want me to call 911 or take her to the hospital, but that remains to be seen until such a time.

But she watched her husband go through six years of them saving him in a care center and how unhappy he was and she doesn't want to go through that.

I've never known anyone more ready to pass on without grasping at straws, I hope that I can follow her example.

Well fuck, I sure am cheery aren't I? Hey, I'm a spiritualist, I have different views and death isn't a concept to me.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news for your entire family!
It's a good song, and as already been said - I hope there are more Decembers for him and all of you together.