Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

It was not unlike most other days at the printing company, everyone was just sprinting about, rushing to complete their tasks, crunching to make the daily deadlines. Most of the time, Printing is a fast-paced environment indeed.

For the most part, I assisted in a great deal of the proof making, proofreading and then of course backed up Glenda, who worked up front assisting the many customers that passed through.

I hadn't been working there all that long, but I was getting used to everyone and had made some friendly acquaintances by this time. Guess I had already gotten a rhythmic work flow about me. I was sitting at my desk in the proofing room, looking over some materials when I saw this extremely hot 'hard body' walk past the window, approaching the entrance of the shop. The window blind was positioned in such a way that I could only see the torso portion, and had not yet put a face to this heavenly body.

As he passed, I did a 'double-take'. There was no way I could miss this, I had to go up front and see who was underneath all that muscle.

I maintained the coolest composure, slinking up front in my calm, cat-like manner, taking stock of my prey. I shuffled around, creating the appearance that I had some business to attend to up front... he stood at the desk, long, tall and built to please, with a piercing gaze that was already on me. However, composure had to be maintained.

In a very Customer-service-like manner, I popped by the desk with a big smile, "Good Morning! How are you doing today??" Glenda was having the usual chat-and I could tell that this was someone who frequented the shop, and that she was quite familiar with.

Turns out, Bryan (yes another 'Bryan') was a courier for the printing company. He had his own Courier business on the side, but his main job was Firefighting. 'Hope he brought the fire hose with him!' I thought secretly, as I glanced over every section of his body. Standing at the counter, he proceeded to make small talk and we made rather casual introductions, as Glenda introduced me, telling him what I did and how I was somewhat new to the company.

"So glad to meet you!" he beamed, lowering his 'magic sunglasses'. We locked eyes, and shared some flirtatious glances. Already there was an electricity, but of course I passed this off as just another hot guy, which we would probably discuss all day whenever we were bored with the days regimen and needed something to pep us up.

He grabbed my hand, examining my nails, which were newly manicured. They were long, and painted a brilliant holiday blue with a couple of Christmas designs on them.

Caressing my fingers, and making dangerous eye-contact, he said "I lovvvee your clawwwss."

I didn't move my hand away, but rather kept them there allowing him to toy with my fingers, enjoying the attention.

"Oh, thank you." I said, smiling, "I just had them done a couple days ago, for the holidays and all."

"Well, very nice. They're so long!" He finally releases them, and looks at me. I quiver, melting a little under his fiery gaze... I secretly wonder what else might be long, and then stop myself. Then I inquire within about whether or not men are ever aware of the dirty thoughts that go through our minds, when we are acting so cool and calculating on the outside... Do they know that we're thinking possibly worse thoughts than they are?? They always take such pride in being the animals, yet nothing could top the mental image I had on my mind at that moment.

But I had to shake it off, after all there were several more hours in my work day and I still had a lot of work to do.

He wrapped up his business, and said "It was so nice meeting you... have a good one!" (Was he a good one? Maybe, maybe not I'd never know...) I didn't give any thought to the fact that I would have any other such encounters with him, but chalked it up to just a cool moment that I shared. I was glad that I went up front, however and got a closer look.

I watched him intently as he turned, and skillfully sauntered back through the door, outside and back to his car. He cranked up and headed out to deliver more packages. Even his car engine sounded hot.

Glenda, who evidently noticed his flirtations said, "Boy he likes you!! He was really checking out your 'claws' and smiling!" We giggled, and made several references to the incident throughout the day; My mind wandering where it ought not.

A couple of days later, Glenda and I were busy with a big job that everyone was working to complete. The phone had rang, as it does many times all day long in such a fast-paced environment. One of the Customer Service girls pops on the phone's intercom and says "Jackie??? Jackie, you have a phone call."

Glenda and I look at one another, puzzled... I can't imagine who would be calling me at the printing company, unless it was an emergency. So nervously, and hoping that nothing bad has happened, I pick up the phone. "Hello?" I squawk. It's Bryan, the courier/the fireman.

"Hello Jacqueline." he says with a sultry voice (or maybe it was my imagination). "How are you?" My imagination runs wild, and I shake slightly with nervous anticipation, wondering why he'd called ME... what exactly was he up to?

{To Be Continued}

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Steven Novak said...

Alright finish it...



Aunt Jackie said...

That's what she said!!! MUUHAHAHA!!

Chalice said...

ggggrrrrr... I was really into that story there.. Gotta know the rest of it!!! NOW!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blogs.. I am enjoying yours quite a bit and will be back...

Now The Intermission has got to be over... Continue please!!!!

RockDog said...

Interesting story so far...I mean, it would be better if the HE was a SHE...that would be hot.

Aunt Jackie said...

Well Rock, just 'flip' the idea, it was hot for him-or he wouldn't have called me up ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Wait I think I just got what you meant there Rock-i'm slow today :P


"My what a big hose you've got" must come into it somewhere

AuntJackie said...

FourD-You know it man! ;)

captain corky said...

Good story Jackie. I think we need to a television show about you and your romances.

awaiting said...

Leave me hanging, why don'tcha!? Dang it! Its like watching a really good movie and then finding out in the middle the dang dvd is scratched all up!!

Chelly said...

"There was no way I could miss this, I had to go up front and see who was underneath all that muscle."

I loved that bit Jackie. Gals and their curiosity eh? :)