Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Take It Easy

I'm sure alot of you want to know more about my other exploits with either Bryan or the Fireman... We'll just have to follow the path of my inspiration, I have to strike as they come.

Going to see bands play used to be alot of fun, Tamra and I would go all out, dress to the nines and the whole deal. Once, we even had our Moms make us red velvet dresses which we wore with a red feather boa and red devil horns... I'll post that pic and story sometime soon. We had many people want their photo taken with us that night, and got lots of attention.

Nowadays, sadly, it is rare that I get to go and see anyone play. I need to make a point to change that, especially with worthy acts that come to town... which for some reason has decreased in numbers in the last months and years... Nobody good comes to town much anymore. Probably because they run into too much political conflict between trying to play the FedEx forum, or finding a place to play at all, or issues with Clear Channel.

However, we used to have some pretty good acts. Even before I worked at one of the local radio stations, 92.9--they had birthday celebrations and this was their 1st birthday party. It was scheduled to be at 616 Marshall (which was then known as Club 616 or just '616'). Pretty cool place... even Marilyn Manson played there back in his 'club' days before he went all 'superstar'.

Tamra and I planned to join this event, and the bands that were scheduled to play were "Stuck Mojo", "Drain STH", and "Type O Negative". Type O Negative was who we were mainly going to see, but we pretty much liked the other bands too.

So we got all dolled up, and headed out. We were a little late to see Drain, which I wouldn't have minded seeing but it wasn't a huge loss. Got ourselves parked, and headed into the club. It was loud as usual, it was packed elbow-to-elbow as usual and since Type O Negative was playing, there were many lovely vampire wannabes and goth dudes and chicks, all trying to look "Hot". {Remember the scene from South Park's episode "Hell on Earth 2006"? Where Satan is planning a huge Halloween bash to mock those shows where the teen aged brat would have her "Super Sweet 16 party"? Satan said, 'Nobody can come dressed like 'The Crow' no exceptions. If you come dressed like the crow, you're not getting in. I know there'll be like 12 guys trying to dress like the crow, cuz they wanna look 'hot' and NOBODY CAN LOOK HOTTER THAN MEEEEE!" } lol That was such a funny episode, I still have it saved on my Tivo.

Anyway, no matter how cool a show that plays in Memphis, and no matter how many cool and hot dudes and chicks show up, you still have your handful of rednecks and losers that descend upon the place and ruin the evening for everyone... Well, maybe not everyone--but of course ME!

No sooner than Tamra and I walk in and find a general place to hang, two such rednecks come up and begin to chat us up and try to 'claim us as their own'. Neither of us was pleased with this, so we had to plot removal of these rodents at once. I have forgotten exactly how we did this. All I know is that one of us would go and get beers, bring them back and eventually one of us came up with a riddance plan. Then we were able to go ahead and enjoy the show. It was loads of fun. Coincidentally, Richie (Mr. J) happened to be at the show that night--how weird is that?? We didn't know of each other's existence at that time, but met some time later as you would know if you have read 'The Jackie and Richie Story' (see links).

After the redneck plague was over, we thought we were home free. However, a brand spanking new loser had materialized right behind me... He said his name was "Casey". He was trying to talk, I was trying to listen to Peter Steele's vocals and getting into Josh Silver's keyboard work. So, I ignored him as much as I could. He attached himself to my side unfortunately, and stayed around until the end of the night.

After the show, Tamra and I had major plans on trying to weasel up and meet the band after the show. Of course, Peter was somewhere in hiding and wouldn't show his face, but Kenny Hickey was standing outside the club shaking hands and meeting people. Casey was all too helpful to Tamra when he said "Hey, there's your man over there! Go talk to him!!" Tamra goes up and gets to hug Kenny, while i'm sitting there looking on, envious, and cock blocked by Casey. Then, he offered to drive us to where we parked, and we allowed him to at least do that for us.

Normally, we 'chicks' will try to slip in a fake number when we're faced with the whole 'Let's get together and go out sometime' or 'Can I call you' thing... I don't know what was wrong with me. I gave him my real number.

Casey had a very slow, short-bus way of talking. It was very annoying. What's more annoying is that he had a 'catchphrase', or one of those things that he said all the time that just made you want to kick him in the head. It was "Take it easy." If he was telling you what he'd been up to lately, he would say he'd been 'taking it easy'; every time he'd call and leave me a message on the machine it would end in "Take it Easy" (that's right, I stopped answering his phone calls until he gave up). Finally it ended... but before it could, yes right in the 'height' of the Casey-saga, Tamra enjoyed a prank phone call or two.

[ *We were masters at the silly prank phone calls. We would leave people messages from everyone like the Manager of the Chinese Restaurant down the street to Elvis himself and my famous "Satan" voice... if someone did us wrong, or left themselves open, they were getting a phone call from one of our many characters. ]

You can imagine I was delighted to come home from work one evening to hear a disguised voice (Tamra posing as "Casey"), and reading off the most hilarious poem... a poem that completely rhymed and it was all in the context of Casey meeting and being in love with me. We didn't save it, or write it down. I wish we had... I only remember parts of it.

Went 'something' like this->

I Met a girl
she didn't look mean
so I wanted her to ride
in my love machine;
She was so sweet
with her long, 'purty' hair,
I stood behind her
so I could stare
Her friend Tamra was so excited
that she needed a sedative
when she got to hug Kenny
from Type O Negative...
now I know the sound
of my voice makes ya queasy
so i'm gonna hang up now
"Take it Easy!"

Ok, so remember that it may or may have not been exactly like that, I'm just remembering to the best of my ability. It is very close... Tamra's version was probably better. The funniest part of it was Tamra imitating Casey's voice on the recorder... Rest assured she got a return poem on hers, but I don't remember any of it. I think it was a bit too harsh and she was slightly mad at me afterwards.

Eventually, Casey stopped calling, and I of course didn't miss a beat... on to the next adventure as we always were... and still are on occasion.


Chelly said...

Another great chapter AuntJackie. I can't wait till you post that red dress pic.

PS: Take it easy!

Aunt Jackie said...

Hahaha!! Ewww! I have to locate the Red Dress pic... I will soon though, we were two red-devil hotties!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm....Kenny called ME over there to HIM, Casey didn't run me over there....lol