Friday, February 23, 2007

Smoke Signals

"Hello Jacqueline." he says with a sultry voice (or maybe it was my imagination). "This is Bryan. How are you?"

My imagination runs wild, and I shake slightly with nervous anticipation, wondering why he'd called ME... what exactly was he up to? Not to allow my composure to be ruffled, I put on my cheeriest, sexiest southern voice.

"Well Hello Bryan. I'm doing just great and yourself?" Smiling, over-the-phone like they teach you to do in any type of customer-service work.

"I'm doing great, even better now." He blurted out with a sensual undertone. There was a slightly awkward pause, as I still wasn't sure of his agenda. He began to quiz me on my job functions and different aspects of the job. 'Did I like working there, etc...'

"How long have you been working there?" I'm remembering the frame of his body, his stature and the way he carried himself. He was smooth. I knew that already. He was pretending to be interested in the details of my work, and calling me on the phone on the 'premise' that he was thinking of bringing in an assistant to help him out with the courier service and he wanted to know if I would be interested possibly. I politely thanked him for thinking of me, but that I wasn't sure since I had not been with this company very long. I had wanted to be fair, but I would keep it in mind certainly. I knew he had found his sneaky way to make a connection. He didn't make the phonecall long and drawn out, but did make room for small flirts within the conversation, and as well he made sure to give his cell phone number so I could let him know about the 'assistant thing'. He was a regular courier, so I knew he'd be back around, and whenever he came through to deliver or pick up packages I'd usually make myself available.

Thinking back, it eludes me how exactly it came about but once over the phone, he invited me to come by the fire station where he worked one afternoon when I got off work, and told me he'd 'give me a tour'. I obliged.

I prepared myself accordingly. I had to call out the big guns... I decided to wear my "Slash Suit". You're probably wondering what the "Slash Suit" is, and I'll save the story of it for another post-but in short, the Slash Suit was the exact suit I wore when I got to meet Slash from "Guns N Roses", one of my favorite guitarists who I also happened to have the hots for. This suit was a Man-eating suit... it was a sleek, black sort of 'suede-like' material nicely fitted to every curve (and we have alot of curves in my family), the jacket had a simple collar, and it had a silver zipper with a little loop. The zipper ran completely from the collar to the waist. The skirt was in just the right place above the knees. Had my hair, makeup and perfume perfectly calculated and I was ready.

Once the work day was through, I "freshened up" and drove down to the station. He met me outside wearing their normal fireman attire, which consisted of blue pants, boots and a blue t-shirt with their logo, not quite a uniform but enough to fit the bill. He took me inside and showed me around, with all the other firemen on duty looking on curiously, wondering who I was. We made idle chit-chat as we toured through the facility. The tour was nothing that notable of course, if you've seen one fire station you've seen em' all. But it gave us some quality time for body language and further flirting.

He eventually walked me back to my car and stood there as I closed the door, and leaned in resting himself in the window as we wrapped up our little tour, and conversation, making more intense eye contact with me.

"Drive safely... and call me when you get back home." He ordered.

"O.k." I agree. "Thank you for the tour, I enjoyed it immensely."

And with that, he moved forward and gave me a warm and lingering kiss on the lips.

I barely noticed the traffic going home, as my mind was spinning with crazy thoughts and my lips were still tingling from the unexpected kiss. The streetlights blurred into a fine neon mist along the highway as I made my way back to my small one-bedroom apartment. Once back home, the night was quiet and I felt a distracted sleeplessness, so I went ahead and called his cellphone as I'd promised. The conversation moved towards a more suggestive nature and we discussed making plans to see each other soon.

As I desperately needed sleep, I tried to settle my mind by turning on the radio. Then no sooner than I'd closed my eyes, it was dawn.

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RockDog said...

Hey Bad Ass,

I once had a "slasher" suit...but it was more for terrorizing kids on halloween.

Fun story so far!

Wormbrain said...

A very nice story. Isn't it funny the little games we play and the excuses we invent, just in an attempt to get to know one another better?

Aunt Jackie said...

lol Rock! Well I bet you were darn scary! ;D

Wormbrain, yes human's do play quite the charade... I love studying people's actions and reactions

awaiting said...

MORE!!!!!!!!! I want more!

Forgive me for my eagerness...I have been far deprived of good ol' reading.

Anonymous said...


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captain corky said...

I put on my cheeriest, sexiest southern voice.

I would like to hear that sometime! I would also like to see the slash suit. Good story so far!

tkkerouac said...

Nice story!

Chelly said...

Jacs, the tales get better each time. Bring us more! :)