Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Soul's Journey

Anyone get into 'Soulmates'? Do you believe that everyone has just one? Or do you think it is possible that we cross paths with multiple soulmates during the course of our existence?

Everyone that we meet is for a reason, but I don't think that everyone we meet are soulmates of ours... However, I do believe in more than one. I believe I have had in my life (and still have) more than one. Some soulmates are friends, some soulmates are lovers, some soulmates are our families... they have a path to follow as do we, and sometimes we meet and only get to keep them long enough to enrich one anothers life, share a beautiful moment and then we have to travel on... although you might wish that it could last forever, it might not be meant to be... not this time.

Sometimes perhaps we wait and pray for the time to be right, for the universe to allow us to find them and then to hold on tight... but fate must follow the story of the book as it is written, as it has been so instructed and we must have patience and understanding and accept lessons, and these kindred spirits of ours as they cross paths with us and love, and be grateful that we were given those precious moments-however long.

This one was written for a soulmate I was once
fortunate enough to cross paths with:

For Z:
by Jackie Cutler

Awoke to a scream
as my soul this morn
told a tale, two ships
collided, then passed on

through the night they sailed
in waters so cold
the image now fades
leaving them feeling old

the rain pours on
on this stormy sea
and I paddle onward
hoping one day to free

those spirits - ours
that danced in the night
just a simple, sweet dream
nothing's been so right

i'm moving along
oh, I try to pretend
a dance was just a dance...
and dances always end

I'm alright half the time
but I can't seem to heal;
simply bandage it up
when I start to feel

the pain that hurt so severe
when we both tried to fight
though we knew that
it brought us such sweet delight

as we, two twin ships
who once sailed the same sea
crashed, then passed on
still waiting to be free
will we ever be free?


awaiting said...

If you have never watched Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail, you should youtube it for the 'seasons' part. I love the way he explains how some people come into our lives for a season, some people are roots, some branches and some is beautiful.

Tisha! said...

I don't believe we have only one soulmate and for me a soulmate doesn't necessarily have a sexual connotation, however when we connect with the soul we reach heights of pleasure we couldn't possibly only with the physical.

Aunt Jackie said...

Awaiting, I'll have to check that out-although I've seen some of his others.. and I may just have to watch the whole thing... but It's very emotional, this subject for me...

and Tisha, I feel exactly that way too, it's different things that draw us together, and they're always rewarding whether Spiritual, emotional, physical etc. Thank you guys!

captain corky said...

I believe soulmates are possible. I've never thought about it beyond relationships with women but it makes sense that you can have friends as soulmates. I like your poem a lot.

Steven Novak said...

I have to believe in soul mates...I mean...who other than Tami could ever put up with me?

She has to be my soul mate. ;)


Chelly said...

I believe in soulmates too Jackie. I agree with everything you've written. I know people who don't agree but it just makes sense to me that we click in more meaningful ways with certain people, even if for a short while. It's all about learning and loving, I think.