Friday, February 16, 2007

Rock-n-Roll Hootchie Coo

Everyone looks forward to Friday, right? I'm no exception really... and this weekend is a long one for me as I'll be off for the "Presidents' Day Holiday", so that's a 3 day weekend. Yeehah!

Since it is Friday and all, I would like to do something special and worthwhile. However, I had a hard time thinking of what to put up for today. I thought it should be somewhat 'debaucherous', as maybe someone has to take over for RockDog, who's busy writing a somewhat tame tale right now about a nerd named Kirby and the girl who loves him (or will love him, maybe?). I still have to keep it a bit tame myself, but I'll try to make it interesting. It is, however, a true tale.

I once dated a couple of Brothers. Now I know this can conjure up different ideas for everyone, but let me explain. These were physical brothers, sharing the same Mother. O.k., I guess they were half brothers as they had different fathers. Also, I didn't date them at the same time... well, not exactly-what kind of sicko do you think I am? (lol).

It all started when I was a cashier at Walmart. Shannon was a tall, lanky stock boy, a little younger than me and he had been flirting for a while, I thought he was 'kinda cute', so I returned flirts. One day I happened to be in the store, but I was off and just in shopping. Shannon had cut himself and needed to go to the doctor. He didn't have a ride (why was it during this time of my life alot of my boyfriends didn't have cars? That's odd). Anyway, I offered to drive him over to Dr. Adams (a popular town doctor and coincidentally, my family physician since I was like 3).

Dr. Adams was quite a character himself... he was an avid smoker to the point that he usually had a cigarette lit waiting for him in each one of his examination rooms, and would literally smoke when he was checking your lungs, throat, ears, etc. Quite ironic huh? He also had a terrible southern drawl. In fact, his drawl was so bad that when my friend Heather, who had recently then moved to our small town from Mareno Valley, California was forced to go to Dr. Adams she couldn't understand a word he said. She reported "I went into the exam room, and he said 'Habba blabba babba bubba slewwww??' " and she repeated several times 'What??... Huh??' Needless to say she went through a culture shock or two.

In getting back to our story, yes... I drove Shannon over to see Dr. Adams, which I evilly thought of as my chance to just really get him all by himself. (Not Dr. Adams, but Shannon. Eww!) He went in to the good doc, and got patched right up, and from then on, Shannon and I began 'hanging out' I guess you could say... and all was going pretty well. It was no big romance, but it was alot of fun--and back then, that's all I cared about really... I wasn't "wookin panub", but what I did wook for was usually was in all the wong paces!

Shannon coincidentally mixed sound (he said) for friends of his who were in a band called "Air Castle". These guys were from a little further south, a town called Batesville Mississippi. "Air Castle" did mainly cover tunes, like "Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo" and "Freebird", stuff like that. They weren't too bad really, or as I remember them at the time. I would usually go with Shannon and the gang when they had a gig.

As you may or may not know, here in the deeeeep south, there are alot of backwoods, country bars, redneck bars and such which depending on how seedy can sometimes be referred to as "Juke Joints". Juke joints are places that any normal human being should probably try to avoid, as there can be anywhere from half a dozen to a twelve-pack of "Bubba's" inside, bloodthirsty and looking for trouble. (Just friendly advice if you're ever passing through).

Air Castle was scheduled to play at just one of these fine establishments. It was called "Hoover's", and it was up close to Hernando Point near the lake. Hoover's had a pretty regular crowd of people; needless to say the dress was casual. So casual in fact that you would normally see its frequent funsters inside in cut-off levi's, with mullet hairstyles, or the ever popular 'rat tail'. Sometimes you might spy even the occasional barefoot party-goer. I had never been to Hoover's before that night, and didn't quite know what to expect. The gang played a pretty decent set, and I was trying very hard to cling close to Shannon just to feel 'protected', but he wasn't doing a very good job of it himself... he was too busy off partying, and of course hitting on other chicks to notice that I was being harrassed by a rather large guy who looked a little like he was in a motorcycle gang. Well, the guy was nice enough, but he just "wasn't my type" really. I desperately wanted to get away from him, but he asked me to dance to the absolute longest song that I have ever heard in my life... I don't think it is actually 'the longest song' done, but for me, at that moment since I so desperately wanted to escape the big guy, it was hellishly long.

The song was "Cocaine" by Clapton. I couldn't bring myself to be mean to the guy, so I obliged and danced... and danced... and danced until finally, Clapton had snorted out his last line--of the song that is... and I found some way of escaping. More than likely, not with the help of Shannon.

Shannon continued to be very aloof, and although I wasn't trying to be serious with anyone, I still would've liked him to be more 'protective' when we were out... He had a little brother, Bryan, who would usually like to hang out and go along for the ride alot of places we went--those he could get into that is. This brother of his, although younger was much taller and bigger than he was (take that any way you want to). He was paying alot of attention to me, and although I was still seeing Shannon, I was spending more and more time with Bryan. Bryan wanted to ride with me everywhere. If I was just going to town, Bryan would go. He would call me and ask me to do things and to come over to the house and spend time. Sometimes Shannon was there, sometimes he wasn't.

Bryan was six years younger than me, which at the time might not have been the best thing. He acted, looked and seemed so much older though! I was keeping the whole relationship with him merely friendly because... well because he was Shannon's brother, and of course because of the age difference.

One night, I was dropping him off at their house (which was wayyyy out in the middle of nowhere), and I was saying "Ok well I had fun... guess i'll talk to you later". Bryan didn't say goodbye really, he just reached over and turned the keys to my ignition, consequently turning off the engine.

"What are you doing?" I said, "I gotta get going really."

He smiled... "Why don't you hang out for a little while?"

We got kind of caught up chatting, and I did stay for a while longer... Oddly, though, we never moved from my car. Just listening to the radio, sitting there in the humidity of the Mississippi breeze. We make eye contact as I am telling him some story, and he just stares at me and smiles. I'm wondering to myself 'What is so funny? Why is he grinning at me like that?' Just then, he leans in and tries to kiss me.

"Bryan! What are you doing? B-Bryan???" I move back from him as far as my car space would let me... Too many factors wouldn't allow me to even fathom the thought of this kid, the younger brother of the guy who i'd been wasting time with (well you certainly couldn't call it really dating, just hanging out or whatever).

"What?? What's the big deal?" he asked.

"Well, for starters I'm going out with your brother." I point out.

He maintains his stare and his sly smile. "So? He doesn't care... he doesn't even treat you nice anyway."

The kid had a point... Shannon hadn't been much of a solid guy, or even protective of me when we went out, and he was goofy too--Tall and lanky... Bryan was taller, and much less lanky... He looked at least 22. Seemed so mature for his age and all... but nevertheless, the fact remained!

"Yeah, but i'm too old for you!" I proclaim. "So? Who cares?" He leans over and tries once again to plant one on me.

"Bryan!! We can't do this..." I'm already doubting myself, and we'd spent so much time together. He was really sweet to me to... and alot more attentive than his brother... (half brother I remind myself). "Bryan, I really gotta go."

He shakes his head, "No you don't, you need to stay longer." He leans back in again.

And again, I thwart his efforts "Bryan, i'm too old for you, it's not cool."

"I don't care." he says again with an all-serious look on his face. "I like you... alot."

He leans in and tries to kiss me once again, I look at him skeptically, and wonder to myself what the heck I am doing here, and why I hadn't left like an hour and 1/2 ago. Racing through my mind were reasons I was trying to convince myself that I hadn't taken a liking to him. His brother, Shannon--oh who am I kidding he's a dud anyway and we had stopped spending even much time together as I had been hanging out with Bryan more than him--The age difference? He didn't care... Did I care? It's not that bad, and his mother really liked me a lot... and as he had pointed out numerous times, so did HE.

Caught up in a surprisingly nice moment, I allowed myself to ignore the lights turning red on the boulevard of my mind. 'I'll think about that some other time.' I reassure myself.

This time, I didn't stop him. Our lips met... I wasn't dissappointed at all--he kissed like he was 22, he looked like he was 22... 'Alright well he can be twenty-two then.' I think inwardly giggling. Looking at the bright moon hanging above, I wasn't sure just how much time had passed... I look at the clock on my radio... the hour was very late.


Steven Novak said...

"Caught up in a surprisingly nice moment, I allowed myself to ignore the lights turning red on the boulevard of my mind."

Stop being a good writer. ;)


her indoors said...

mmmmm interesting, very interesting, so how long did you stay, and how long did you go out with him?? oh and how old was he exactly

Aunt Jackie said...

Steven: Oh stop it! You're making me blush... I'm no Novak!

Indoors: Well, that's for me to know and you to... um, not know! lol

awaiting said...

I want to know what happened the next day! You know you can't leave me hanging like this! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahhh, well I hadn't thought of putting any 'Part II' etc to the story... Bryan and I saw each other off and on for a while, we had our episodes--maybe I will write more on this... Eventually, he married some chick, and then kept trying to come over to my house in his bright yellow banana-boat of a car. When he wouldn't leave me alone, my 'then roommate', Wrennie met him at the door with her Louisville slugger.

This was a few years later though, he was one of those guys I'd see now and then.

captain corky said...

"I drove Shannon over to see Dr. Adams, which I evilly thought of as my chance to just really get him all by himself. (Not Dr. Adams, but Shannon. Eww"!)

I was starting to worry about the Doctor for a second. Great story. I look forward to hearing more.

Nikki said...

Hi, this might seem weird but I used to see you at that Ashley girls blog, did you email her? Have you heard from her? I am worried.

AuntJackie said...

I haven't heard a word. Was wondering that myself.

RockDog said...

AuntJackie! Cool little story! Older women are hot! Way to go Bryan! LOL!

awaiting said...

A baseball bat! Now you gotta blog about what led up to that!


He'll have never forgotten either. Had the 'older woman' thing back when I was 17. Trust me he'll never forget.

Chelly said...

The Adventures of AuntJackie. I'd read that book.

Dan said...

You're an excellent story teller Jackie.

My mom actually dated my dad's brother before dating my dad. I often wonder whether I'd be around if she didn't make the switch! :)

Enjoy the awesome three-day weekend! Hugs and kisses.

Aunt Jackie said...

Awww y'all are so sweet! I enjoy writing and always have... Maybe one day I'll publish my memoirs ;)
If they were to be uncut, I could get banned from the family!! lol

Anonymous said...

YOU SLUT! hee hee ; T.

Aunt Jackie said...

Awww T!! Thank you, it's about time I got some recognition for my efforts. Haha j/k (My best friend knows me so well) I'll have to tell the story about how she got to hug Kenny from Type O Negative while I got harrassed by a grossball nobody.