Monday, June 13, 2016

Knock It Off

Ha, here's a quickie for ya today, and I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate that... I had some sudden onset of Strep Throat (this is unofficial and self-diagnosed actually, and since I've only had it once, I did the best I could to analyze this and self-medicate).  It seems like it was a roaring success though, I have been taking the liquid Thera-Flu that covered fever-reducing and pain relief, as well as cough and sore throat... I didn't really have any nasal issues with this except just a little sinus as usual. I gargled with Hot Salt Water, and took Raw honey. In the interest of quick recovery so I could get back to work, I went ahead and refilled the prescription for the Zithromycin (Z-pack) Antibiotic. I was going to let myself get over it naturally, but I didn't want to miss any more work than necessary. I am just getting back to the grind you know.

Therefore, I'll write more later, just wanted to give a quick update.

This and the same ole frustrations of daily life are about all I have to report today. No image, just not feeling it, and no song to go with it either lol... take what you get from me and be happy about it today.  Now, off with ya.


Graham Hunt said...

there's a bizzaro connection between us then... I joined Pfizer the year that Zithromax was launched in the USA. I remember because there was this big party one day on my first ever USA visit and it was for the launch of that product.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Well it helped me live through to see another week, lol Kudos to the product. Thought I am a fan of allowing our own antibodies to do their work, I still know sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and take the damn pill and get back to work, eh? Great to see you as always Graham!