Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Build A Fire

It has been continually dreary since I put together my little "rain" playlist before the Thanksgiving holiday. Well with the exception of a couple of spots of sun shining through, it's been overcast, cloudy and cold. We actually had a bit of rain/snow mix last night and this morning. I'm also battling a cold I suppose, and since I had taken a couple of extra vacation days I guess it worked itself out. I hope I get over it quickly though, being sick sucks.

Thanksgiving came and went, and I'm trying to think towards the Christmas holidays, but fact is, last year I had a lot more perky feelings of hope, but we're hanging in there... me that is, and all of my "personalities" ha-ha.

So having recently cleaned the wood-burning heater, and gotten it primed for winter, last night we built a nice fire. I've been trying to keep one going today as well, since the temperatures haven't risen very high. I just can't believe that the year has zipped by us so fast...

Where does the time go?

Meanwhile, all we can do is stay warm and dry... have a little hot cocoa, and maybe a nice Fire (in whatever form you like most).


Chelly said...

Nice post Jackie! I agree the year has totally flown by. Can hardly believe we're on the doorstep to December.

I'm battling a cold too. Always in November. Always!

Furtheron said...

we turn ours on at the mains... we only do that if we can't be arsed to walk to the kitchen to turn the radiators on... Oh the romance of modern living ;-)

BBC said...

I don't do christmas, usually I go camping to get away from all the bullshit.

It's pretty damn decent weather here for this time of year, I'm going camping on Monday.

Not that the weather matters when you go camping in a 5th wheel.

BBC said...

Oh, and honor all your personalities but keep the bad ass ones in check. :-)

Four Dinners said...

But Billy!...the bad ass one's are the most fun!!!

Hiya babe...soz I've been away blog wise...perhaps worryingly...I'm back..

4D xx

enjoyed the imaginery cuddle last night too...;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Haha ok you guys. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Yeah exactly 4D!! My bad ass one is the one that I let run wild anyways, and BBC, you don't wanna mess with that bitch... lol