Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Early Thanks

Smell Ye The Roses!
Here at work today, we are having our office Thanksgiving dinner spread. I opted to bring Dolmas (greek "grape leaves"), which are usually a hit.

As I made myself responsible for the Grape Leaves, this prompted me to create an entire greek spread for last night's dinner.

So I put together Gyros, Dolmas, Tabouleh, Hummus, and this little Olives/Feta cheese mixture which is kind of a side you can eat along with this... included some Goat Cheese crumbles. At any rate, it's something I like a lot that I haven't had in a while.  I'm just proud of myself for coming through on a bit of cooking. Usually, my motivation fails me.

The coming year is one of a lot of work for me in the realm of personal growth and getting where I need to go spiritually and physically here too. Seriously, a lot of work, decision-making and moving forward hopefully to a life filled with much-deserved happiness for once. I can only try hard and cross my fingers and keep plugging away.

Changes are never easy, and I sure wish they were easier. I know they're necessary... We can't flounder around in quick-sand forever, or we'll get pulled under.

I remain positive though, that's a good thing. The challenge is smelling the roses without getting stung on the nose again... and again... and again. =)


Reb said...

I like your facelift and seeing you posting again. It is good to remain positive too. You are right about changes not being easy, it is also a constant. Most days you don't see it, but just flow with it.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Reb! I thought this color scheme was refreshing, and you are so right... each day we just live in the flow instead of trying to cling to the bank and we'll get there, maybe even enjoying the ride =)

Chelly said...

The Greek spread sounds delicious. Cooking can be so much fun.

So true, changes are never easy (I'm in that phase too) but it's the journey more than the result right? It's awesome that you've remained positive and have a plan of action. You go girlfriend.

Lots of love. xo

Aunt Jackie said...

So true Chells and Thank you! You're always there, peeking in from time-to-time to spread a little positive smile! <3