Monday, November 21, 2011

I Still Don't Like Mondays

Any Day In Memphis...
The commute in this morning was treacherous at best, as the Memphis drivers panicked in lieu of the torrential downpour that we awoke to. There are two directions I can basically choose to navigate on the Interstate in Memphis. I can hit I-55 heading North to the back side of I-240, or just stay straight going East on I-240. This morning, I-55 North was gridlocked, so I remained heading east with the rain making for a touch and go drive, the idiot in front of me riding the bumper of the guy in front of him, and constantly hitting his brakes. Basically, to save my sanity I resolved myself to going under the speed limit and letting the morning morons pass and get out of my sight. The other route had been full of accidents, and given the mass hysteria, there was not much opportunity for me to have a slice of the road to myself. So I crept along at a hearty pace of 5-10 mph until we reached an area that loosened up a little. Despite some extremely admirable efforts of the Memphis Chapter of some modernized Gauntlet team, I arrived safely to my destination in one piece.

The day is a gloomy one, which is not something I generally deem as negative. I rather enjoy a nice rainy day. Preferably I don't have to drive in these storms much, as I once had a scary incident in which I hydroplaned off the Interstate during a bad rainstorm on the way to work back in the day when I was employed at one of the casinos.

There is just something so refreshing and relaxing about a cool, rainy day...
Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

However, with regard to Mondays... I can still find PLENTY to bitch about. Let's see... even with this being a short week due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (a time to be thankful is an even BETTER time to bitch about the little things that bring us down hehe).

1. Monday sucks enough on its own compounded by rain and already brain-dead Memphis drivers.

2. Monday is the blade that chops your weekend away (for those of us who slave ourselves to a time-clock at any rate, and I already know some of you don't, so nye.)

3. The Monday people who are also morning people get in your face.

4. The already loud and annoying conference calls that people make first thing in the morning seem even louder and longer, so I can't have my essential quiet time.

5. I don't need other reasons, I just feel like bitching about Monday... 'Nuff said.

Since the week is cut in half, I guess it's not so bad... BUT STILLLLL >>>>


Reb said...

I can tell that you are grateful for the rain even if it means a slow ride to work.

Furtheron said...

er... just don't buy a gun like the girl in the song ... ok? :-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes rain is lovely... I guess I have gone on over it too much this week haha!! Thanks Reb!

Furtheron, I already own one and carry... but don't worry. I'm relatively well-adjusted. =)

Chelly said...

Mondays suck big time but rain...rain is lovely in my books too. :)