Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Back

We had the time change last weekend, and that always throws things off a bit. Although the fall is better because in essence, we actually get an hour back into our hot little hands. But what it does to the daylight I don't quite enjoy. It's already bright and shiny early in the morning, then by the time I get off work, the sun is nearly set or as it progresses, the sun is down completely. Yep, I'm just bitching about what I don't like about it... feel free to rag me (I know some of you who have nothing better to do will).

So I have said time and time again that I was gonna get back on track and blog more often... Have you guys totally given up on me? I haven't. I may get beat up, stomped down, and shaken up but I never give up. I know that eventually (maybe even this very moment) I will get back in the swing of daily writing.a

BBC suggested I pick a day that I do like and blog that day... well, I don't really have a favorite day. I can really kinda bitch about every day of the week... case in point:

Sunday: It's boring, nothing good comes on TV, I always end up doing laundry that day because I procrastinated the other 6 days of the week when I was dreading or irritated by them, and then I have to go to bed and dread waking up to start another shitty Monday.

Monday: It always sucks unless it's a holiday, in which case it basically just taints Tuesday, making it the Monday that I would have dreaded on Sunday. Sure I would have enjoyed that particular Sunday a little better except I was probably thinking about how Monday was gonna pass too quickly and there we'd be on Tuesday. =)

Tuesday: Not too bad, but still 3 days away from the weekend, making it just barely tolerable. Not much on TV that night either.

Wednesday: Usually band practice night when we are on our game, and also currently the night that "American Horror Story" comes on (FX Channel). So all-in-all, not the worst day of the week, but... y'know-why waste unnecessary energy. Heck I've got 2 more work days left.

Thursday: This is just an evil, taunting tease of a day. You can see Friday clearly on the Horizon, but you're already stressing about what you have to get done before the weekend is through, and also the multitude of things and people that are already getting on your nerves. The day glops by with the speed of Molasses (not to be confused with Mole Asses).

Friday: A brief flicker of joy marking the end of a long week, and then the beginning of the joyous weekend, a.k.a. "Lightening Round" because it zips by that fast. :)

Saturday: Nobody wants to wake up early on a Saturday, but unless you do, this day is shot quickly. Saturday you must pack everything you really want to do in! Unless you did your laundry earlier in the week, then you need to wash clothes, clean up, then get around to seeing everyone that you have neglected calling, visiting etc throughout the week. This can be a stressful day, making me wish I was back at work sometimes instead of the weekend because at least when I am at work, I have a good excuse as to why I can't go here, or do this or make time for _______. (Fill in the blank).

So there you go, a negativity filled week of dread, procrastination and forgetting about how blessed I am and living in the moment... haha. Anyways, I'm just making up shit that sounds cynical... although I do briefly experience thoughts such as this above, like I guess anyone does.

Anyway, this is just a block of ramblings... it's taken me three days to get it finished and it still didn't amount to anything interesting to read... haha.

So let's wait and see if I can manage one more post in the next week or so and find my groove again. After all, Groove is in the heart.


Furtheron said...

hello?! What's this? A POST! ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes, I am trying to come back into action! :) I have given my said facelift, and spruced up my header, so here we go... this may be the spark to get me going.

Chelly said...

Yay you're back! Always love the way you write. Wit, honesty and beauty. Aunt Jackie's back! xo