Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Sharona

Saved from my Music Vault: My Sharona, originally done by "The Knack", but I happen to like this version recorded by Veruca Salt. They made it sound a bit edgier. To each his own, but enjoy:

What's been happening the last couple of days you ask? Well just finishing up the work week, really, and Mr. J has gone and had his teeth xray'd in preparation of having his remaining wisdom teeth pulled. This will happen sometime on Monday. Sunday we are supposed to go on our ride to Crowley's Ridge with the guys, weather permitting and all. We've missed the last couple so I am raring to go.

So looks like I'll be doing my preparations for that, seeing Mom, trying to clean, practicing and going on a bike trip all in one weekend. Busy one, me. But I have been trying to hold fast to the daily posting. Barely getting by on it but trying. :)

Been a good week, I'm trying to stick with a more positive attitude and a better path. That's not easy some days, so wish me complete luck! It's all in each of us, just have to hold the faith that things will work out well, and keep taking steps forward. I know it's hard, and some of us are more prone to negative thoughts than others, but think of it this way (this means you too Furtheron, and me, and a few others too), the feeling negative and self-loathing hasn't really worked for us so far (has it?), so what have we got to lose from just trying to think more positively? It can either do nothing, or it can bring you GOOD things. However, just like everything it may take a little patience and it might take more than just doing well for a day or two.

Perseverance and REAL intent are the key words. You have to feel good and MEAN it, ok? Stop hating yourself, and open up your heart to let in good vibrations, and love. There are bad things out there, and we can't change it all, and there are some things that we can't control or do anything about. The one thing we CAN change, and control and IMPROVE? Ourselves.

Just Feel Good... It's contagious.

Try and try again, besides... what else do you have to do while you're flip flopping about the planet? :)

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