Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get Us To The Geek

Quite a lesser known fact about July 13th is that today is National Embrace Your Geekiness Day. I wish I'd known earlier, but of course what I do in a day is geeky enough, so I guess I wouldn't have a need to go overboard. However, if you are reading this and still have time, feel free to let your geek flag fly.

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Anyway, I just thought that was fun to share. I heard it when I was listening to Doreen Virtue's Daily Oracle Card Reading, just something I enjoy that gives me a lift. Don't we all need a lift sometimes... and the answer to that is 'yes' for you 'Doubty McDoubtfires'.

I think that's enough geek for one day, so I am signing out. Enjoy, and remember that any day is a good day to embrace the geek within.

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Furtheron said...

Don't think I need a specific day for that :-)