Thursday, July 01, 2010

Saved Is The Word

July seems like a good time for me to try my NaBloPoMo (daily posting). I mean, half of the year has passed and I figure it might be a cool month to try. The theme for July blogging is "Saved", and that's whatever you make out of it, things we save or hang on to, saving lives, savings at stores, limitless possibilities.

So yes, July is here, and the summer is in full swing of course and the thermostat in Memphis has been turned all the way up. It actually feels a little cooler today than it has in a while, but it has been a sweat fest. I'm just a fall/winter girl. Can't help it. Still, I can't believe that the year is half gone already... Yeah I know, time, shmime, right? What does it really mean? We are the ones who make ourselves a slave to the clock.

Ok, so I am going to leave this post as is. I will make another official first post for "Saved", just letting everyone know that I'm trying for every day in July. Wish me luck, and leave no extra negative thoughts. I have enough of my own ;)

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