Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Simply the fact that my "True Blood" show comes on tonight thrills me, is that so bad? I mean, I don't see any harm in wasting time especially on things that bring us joy.

Today's motorcycle ride went well, I enjoyed it, everyone landed back home in one piece (as far as I know), and I know Richie and I did. I have photos from that, but won't get to put any of those up for a couple days.

The ride was nice, scenic, sweaty and I was glad to get back home. The buffet was good too, so I have to put this day on the shelf as a perfect end to a really nice weekend.

I'll update more later. Enjoy your Sunday evening. -AJ


Determination said...

I'm watching True Blood as I'm typing this--- don't understand Bill or this thing going on with Tara:)

BBC said...

Don't recall ever seeing True Blood, may never see it. Interesting though that my name is Bill and my daughters name is Tera. It was supposed to be Tara (Gone With The wind) but we fucked up with the spelling.

Furtheron said...

good for you... hold the good days to get through the rough ones