Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here's Mud In Your Eye

I often like to share cool links and articles that I find. So today I'm going to share something from an idea from a piece of Junk Mail I received this morning; yes I sometimes glean cool things from junk mail, although I don't actually click on the junk mail link for security reasons. I'll usually "GOOGLE" it and find out more. So kids, that's my reminder for you today always to be careful of what you click on, things that people send you, etc. If it looks odd, or seems like spam or a virus, just DELETE it. You should be able to tell.

Anyway, this interesting piece came from something that was titled "The Photoletariat". I was intrigued, so I looked up the word and found One of their photos was from The Boryeong Mud Festival (Boryeong, South Korea). I had never heard of this, but found it intriguing and there are more photos at the above link.

I always enjoy reading about celebrations and ideas from other cultures. Enjoy.

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BBC said...

Hum, we sure are weird monkeys with all our cultures. And I have a bit of redneck in me. :-)