Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stupid Cupid

Here it is again, the 'V' word... Valentines Day. If you've been around the Forrest for a while, you know I don't like Valentine's Day very much because I haven't had but maybe 1 good one my whole life... I've written other stories in past Valentines Days, so you can click the little dead cupid below to go read those!
Click Me Dammit(click me dammit, or I died for nothing)

Oh, and one more thing before I go, just a reminder.
Now, go and do whatever it is you do on lame commercialized holidays like this... and uh, enjoy.


Jay said...

Happy V-day Jaxxx!! ;-)

Ily said...

Not that I don't believe in love (I do!), but it's my least favorite holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

Furtheron said...

I went and played a gig and had the pleasure of Fours Dinners company! Still Mrs F was there and I did buy her a roast dinner and sing a song to her.

Four Dinners said...

Carol bought me a card.

I suspect she saw in my eyes.....

"What a load of bollocks"

Romantic devil that I am...;-)

BBC said...

I used to believe in it, the day, not the commercial shit though, I would make my mate a card, fix her breakfast, things like that.

Not anymore though, the chicks around here and I don't get along, they are all so wanting and needy.

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