Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Shadows, Winter and Ever-After

Soon enough, we'll complain of sweltering summer suns, mosquitoes and the humidity. Well, the humidity stays around these parts more often than not. Still, the point is that we always want the weather to be the opposite of its current state.

If you missed last week's English teacher crush story, do
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Anyway, after I wrote that, we had some ice / snow hit the area, and I got outright lazy. I didn't take any good photos of any of the cool ice-covered trees, or anything around the area. I don't know why, usually I am the first one out the door to snap and play. More than likely, it was because there was more ice and less snow. I guess I won't get to build any good snowmen this century.

I did get a couple of shots, but it was just with my cellphone. One was a smiley face I carved into my ice-covered windshield, and the other was of my German Shepherd, "Dion" as he was marching around in awe and making paw-prints in the frozen concoction.

"Have An Icy Day!"

"Pupsicle Paws"

Yesterday, as we all know was "Groundhog Day". Good ol' Punxsutawney Phil had his little say, and he tells us '6 more weeks' right? Well if you think about it, that's about how much there is anyway... what is the point of that and when did it start?? It would be something to think about if we got a day off for it, but as it stands, eh. ;)

Today happens to be Norman Rockwell's birthday. I love the art of Norman Rockwell. His style reminds me of a time when things (in pictures at least) seemed more joyful, simple and precious. Although I know every day-and-age has had its problems, it just makes me wonder what life would've been like then. To get the feeling, and imagine, all I have to do is check out one of his paintings. Happy Birthday Norman, and thanks for your wonderful contribution to so many generations.

That age-old question tends to haunt me. "What's the point of all this?" We read, look at or listen to the beautiful art, amazed at the talents of so many people that exist now and of course have existed historically and have passed on. Not all of them have been able to leave a legacy behind. The ones who have, leave us a record of their time in history whether it be through paintings or music, or words. Then what happens after that? Do these people look back, or down on Earth and think to themselves that they are satisfied with their accomplishments? Do they matter much in the long run? We're left here to remember and try to carry on the same record-keeping chronicles of what's going on now, which is great for future generations. I am glad that we have all these things to sort of view history as we know it. In the long run, what of it though?? I know. I'm rambling... I sound crazy again, but I just stop and think sometimes and get a little apprehensive about the 'ever-after'.

We'll all find out soon enough anyway because in our pinched little illusion of time, it's fleeting at the speed of light. Where has it all gone?? I still haven't accomplished even 1/100th of what I want and need to accomplish. I won't be leaving any legacy, or none that I can think of. The urgency is there, I know I need to kick it into high-gear. But how, when, where, why and does it really matter anyway?

Signing off for now...

Everybody's Aunt Jackie


Jay said...

Sorry you didn't get much snow. We could have shared some of ours without missing it at all. In fact, they're now saying we might get more Thursday night! It's crazy! ;-)

furiousBall said...

we didn't get much either, more coming tho!

BBC said...

Soon enough, we'll complain of sweltering summer suns, mosquitoes and the humidity.

Not here, summers here are very pleasant although in a few places there are some mosquitoes.

I made a snow plow but I guess I'm not going to get to use it this year from the looks of it.

Four Dinners said...

Don't get mozzies over here.

Got em in Malta mind. They ignored me completely and dive bombed Caz.

Obviously mozzies of exceptional taste...;-)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jackie, you are a good writer, fun to read.


Ily said...

Sometimes I stop and wonder about the ever after and if what we do now is really going to make a difference.

I'm reading Stephen King's memoir ("On Writing") and something he said about artists/people who create makes a lot of sense...more than any other reason, they do it because they HAVE to (kind of like why we blog). I get it. I also love the beauty the ones who've moved on have left behind.

"Art is forever," an artist friend of mine told me recently. He has the kind of cancer that keeps coming back and once diagnosed, no one that's had it (forget the name of it) has lived passed 20 years. I have a couple of his paintings and they mean the world to me.