Monday, February 08, 2010


Just not feeling very wordy lately, and thought I'd give others a chance to read the last couple articles anyway, since not many people seemed to have been by to read them yet.

I often wonder how some of your blogs have collected so many visitors and commentors. How do you do it?? What traits does my blog need to have for it to be more enjoyable?

Just wondered...

Seems like as long as I have been around and kept the exact same blog I would have quite a few by now. Maybe more people read and just don't say anything, maybe more than I know. I would like to think so. But that's just me, wishing. :)

Ok, enough of that. I just don't have a lot to say right now.

We've been having some winter weather, and it has made me a little reclusive. I'll try to work on a story soon, in fact I have been thinking through ideas. Hopefully I will get an epiphany about it and can make it remotely interesting... at least entertaining.

Right now, I guess I'll go back to watching my movie or take a nice hot bath. I do so love a hot bubble bath.


Jay said...

The only thing that really drives comments and visitors is commenting on other blogs. Most people only comment on blogs written by people who comment on their blog. It's kind of silly, but that's the way it works.

Furtheron said...

I've recently been wondering the same thing - I don't get many commenters on my blog and the numbers have fallen. I put on one of those tracking things and found a lot of people visit my blog but don't comment.

I agree with Jay on that point and when I surf I don't comment... so I'm displaying the behaviour of those that visit mine.