Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bacteria Wars

So the other day, as we were in for a quick lunch we happened by a little "country" buffet. To save my soul, I cannot tell you why I still set foot near a buffet line given the diseased cretins that inhabit the place, but occasionally there we are... shielding ourselves from their barrage of germ-spreading patrons.

The particular place I speak of, which I won't give the name of used to be a favorite Chinese restaurant. However, now they're given to half-way decent country style items such as green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, chicken, fish, etc. as well as a few Chinese items.

These things would all taste a lot better if you didn't hear 10-15 people sneezing around the salad bar. What gives with that?

Anyways, my health is still on the mend with this sinus infection.

My condition seems to be greatly improving. This doctor tried to prescribe me an alternate antibiotic called Levofloxacin which is getting some quite rotten reports of giving people tendon tears and all kinds of problems, none of which I need. So I did not pick the prescription up after researching that one. I simply decided that I'm going to pump up my herbal remedies, honey, ginger, spices, eat well (vitamins), utilize my "Biotest Superfood" and with my increased activity levels I should be knocking any illnesses away.

I just don't trust doctors and medicines that much these days. With the honey and super food I put in my oatmeal this morning, I feel way better already.

So this evening I am going to try a "Zumba" class and see how I like that, it has a lot of Latin and other dance involved. I will report more on this later, but I am looking forward to checking out some of these classes. I may as well, they're included in my membership. Have been quite busy, and haven't posted up much. I'll have to throw in more details later on. Miss you guys, and I'll come around when I can!

Everybody's Aunt Jackie


Four Dinners said...

Chinese restaurant / mashed potatos.

I'm not sure I want to come over there at all!...;-)

Please tell me it was at least offered as sweet and sour?

Me and Si will give you the recipe for making a meat pie - apparently you can't get anything approaching a genuine English meat pie over there.

We will educate you!!!

Jay said...

I'm not a big fan of buffets. The food is usually cold and not all that great.

And the germs.

Get better babe!

Furtheron said...

Statistically your were much more likely to die/suffer an injury coming back from the doctors than taking the drug, by a massive factor.

Sadly we over emphasise the issues - I don't want to down play those at all for those that suffer reactions but honestly the chances of severe adverse reactions to any drug on the market is remarkably low - you stand much greater chance of winning the lottery normally.

I'm biased 20 years in the industry seeing the effort that goes into development and testing vs the herbal remedies that need no testing and licencing, I could crush up any stuff I pick in my garden and give it to you. In the UK recently Chinese Herbal medicines were analysed and found to have deadly amounts of various poisons in them leading to calls to license it under the protection of our equivalent of the FDA.

Just my 20 cents worth but really someone spent millions testing that out and all the adverse reactions are gathered - hence the black box warnings.

Taking a modern drug is one of the safest risks you'll take in your life.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Depends, now we have plenty to eat over here don't you worry.

I will whip up a full english. :)

I'll try anyroad.

Jayman- 4D says you're gonna come down too when they get here? Cool.

Yeah I was turned off to the buffet pretty bad. You're right on all of the above.

Further, I just don't know. I feel like they make too much money in the medicine racket. Doctors get too much incentive to push all kinds of meds, and one leads to another. Just trying to live well and be healthy avoids a lot of things.

Ily said...

I need to look into that super food you put your oatmeal. I could use some of that today (woke up with sinus pain, sneezing, etc).

Hope you're feeling better...apparently, you are if you're taking Latin dance lessons. Wish I was feeling better; I'd join you (wherever you are!). :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes, superfood is a "Biotest" brand product, you can find it online. One serving of it has like 10-15 servings of every veggie or fruit you need, even ones you might never eat if it weren't for the product.

I use it in oatmeal, or even just mix in juice. Whichever I can do easy, and it's not bad at all.

Wish you were here ILY to teach me the Latin steps, right now I just look like a Buffoon.