Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snot A Miracle

The Bible gets a fish miracle story, and then here I am with my seemingly limitless supply of snot. Where the hell does it all come from?

I think if I could harness the power of lugees then I would be able to take over the world, maybe even become dark overlord of the universe. I know, that's nasty. No nastier than this week in news, and I have grown so bored with it.

OK, so I was interested about the Kanye West topic from the MTV VMA awards on Sunday night, so yes admittedly I looked up the trending topics and tried to see what happened after the fact. I read about his apology to Taylor Swift and peeked in on Leno last night just to see what he'd say. I bought into it and took my place among the sheep... Yes, I am ashamed.

The fact of the matter is, I am not taking sides for either West or Swift. I like all types of music, am not a racist and am sick and tired of everyone who IS twittering, blogging and yapping about this whole incident saying it is about race. He should not have interrupted someone winning an award... no matter who it was. That in itself is about "RESPECT". He would've demanded it if he was up there. I hate to say it but Kanye seems like a racist to me. Racism should stop somewhere, it has to stop with someone if it is ever going to stop, but nobody wants to be the bigger man or woman there. It sucks. There are way more problems in the world today than who's skin is darker or lighter, and people screwing each other over because of it.

We are all here trying to figure this whole plot out, we should be there for each other. However, that's not what humans do, humans take the "Race" literally, and stomp each other down to make sure that they are in First place on the road to nowhere. So be it I guess.

There is such a bigger picture though. Honestly.

Ok, that's all I am going to say on that subject, it is over for me.

The rest of the week's news was about the same, stupid, rude and senseless. Some sad, I can't help but say that Patrick Swayze passing on was kinda sad for me just because of all the movie memories that I have. He was a cool guy, I liked him. He fought a hard battle for pancreatic cancer, usually that takes someone way quicker. Wherever you are Patrick, I wish you the best. Thanks for your contribution to the movies of our youth.

Other than that I am just hanging out, making my way through the work week.

Haven't had a lot of interesting things to blog about lately, but I try to throw in a post whenever I can collect a few stray thoughts.

Hope you are all still listening... Miss you guys. -AJ


Jay said...

I've seen some people trying to push the race angle today. From both sides. Some pushing the "black man scares innocent white girl" and some "if he hadn't been black nobody would have cared" side.

I think they're both wrong. I'm pretty sure Swift would have been terrified of any man who drunkenly stormed the stage and took the mic from her.

Personally I prefer Kanye's music over Swift's. But I really don't care much about either of them.

Furtheron said...

you know I really knew nothing about this other than some passing thing I tuned out to on the news... now I'm looking it up as everyone is on about it... NOOOO!!! I'm falling into this nonsense trap - I don't care about these things!!!

So we're all talking about this like it matters and it doesn't