Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quotes and L (WWC)

Hello, my friend, hello
Its good to need you so
Its good to love you like I do
And to feel this way
When I hear you say

So Hello! :)

As you can see, I made it back from my biking trip in one piece. We had a good time, although a 17 year old member of our posse was the only one who caught any incriminating evidence of debauchery due to the breaking of Mr. J's glasses, but that's another whole story.

We started out way too early on Saturday morning because I thought we were supposed to meet the guys about 6 a.m., and he had said 7 a.m., so we woke up at 4 a.m. and could've slept longer, which I really wished I had in retrospect.

So we ate breakfast at Shoney's, had coffee and waited for everyone else who was supposed to head out with us to arrive. Finally we were off to hit the trail. Early in the day clouds were still taunting us, and we encountered a few showers, nothing major.

The scenery as we headed up through Tennessee and once we crossed over into Kentucky was beautiful. This is where I am upset. Normally I would be overjoyed, but as I was commandeering a motorcycle, then I was unable (or it would've been unwise) to snap pictures as I rode down the road... I couldn't ask the group to stop every time I saw something photo worthy either, as it would have probably gotten everyone edgy. We were trying to make time, as well as take the scenic route too. So I will have to think up a better photo strategy for bike trips. I am sure I can conquer this.

Therefore, I got only a few photos, some of the guys we rode with on the way as we stopped off at gas stations and the like. The others were shots from the Raceway in Bowling Green.

Since today is Weekly Words Challenge day I thought I would try to incorporate a few of those shots into this week's theme. This is my first attempt at getting back in the WWC game so bear with me. Here we go!

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Brought to us, as always, by Tink, formerly of Pickled Beef. This week's words are "Favorite Quote" and "L."

When you are traveling by bike, it's wise to pack Lightly!

Lightening Fast

Lewd and Lascivious

"Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly."
~Author Unknown

"We are fascinated by the darkness in ourselves, we are fascinated by the shadow, we are fascinated by the boogeyman." ~Anthony Hopkins

(self portrait in Chrome)
"The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome." ~Author Unknown

Fun fun fun... I'll talk more about the trip later. Meanwhile, the grindstone beckons this week.


Janet said...

LOVE that skull bike!!!

BBC said...

Hello, friend...

I joined a bike club once, whet for one ride with them and quit.

I like my bike trips my way, go where I want, stop when I want.

The year I lived in Arizona I had two bikes and my son would come over from Vegas and we would run route 66, my way, good times.

Jay said...

Great pics and very cool bikes!

Shania said...

I wasn't even aware the WWC was still going on!! Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know. I'll be sure to play next week (if I can find the charger for my camera battery!).

jIhAd PuNk said...

I'm dangerous enough in a car....

4D x

Furtheron said...

You have cool bikes in the USA

kcinnova said...

Wow, I esp. like the last quote AND picture. Nice!

Sorry about the riding vs. photography quandry. I have the same problem with the car -- people get annoyed if I stop, and around here, there is really no place to pull over anyway. Sometimes it drives me CRAZY when I know I am missing some wonderful shots.

Gramps said...

Good work on the quotes! Our new pictures are finally up.

Scarlet said...

Sweet pics and I love that quote about the guardian angel! Nice.

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Hope you can shoot some photos of your trip next time!

Reb said...

Love the self portrait in chrome! Good job on the quotes and L's. You'll have to figure out how to mount the camera on your handle bars or something :)