Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nines, Xs and Ohs

The number 9 is my favorite number. It's also Mr. J's favorite number. Isn't that cute? It was like that wayy before I met him, so we honestly did not copy one another. Our first things in common were "9" and "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix.

I had a baseball jersey (still do) that I wore to a party, from the radio station in fact that I worked at, with my last name and the numbers '999' on the back. His "band nickname" was in fact "9". So there you go... I thought it was interesting, and probably the most fated and romantic thing about our union to date ;)

So today is 9/9/09. I think that should mean something cool, but so far the day has just been a coughing catch-up festival for me, and a work day. Still waiting for my magic portal to open.

(dramatic pause, followed by the clearing of throat and a nose blow)

Now what was I going to mention?? Hmmm, let me ponder...

Oh yes, this was something I was going to talk about the other day, but encountered an error and lost the entire day's worth of thoughts. It really annoyed me, because I felt like I had a good post. Now, this one will probably be terribly put together and not be worth publishing.

It all began with a thought... Have you ever been somewhere with your current spouse or significant other, in a store, or even in the car on the way somewhere, and seen someone with whom you had a previous relationship / encounter with? The person you are with has no idea that they are in the vicinity with this Map Marker from your past, and you're all just moving along like nothing. It's a strange feeling to me, thinking about that. It hasn't happened that many times to me really, just a couple maybe. It just makes me wonder if I've ever been unknowingly in the vicinity of any of Mr. J's conquests. ha-ha.

My other complaint, which was brilliant but has been cut short by loss of my post was about days when I look like crap (as opposed to days when I don't?) It is irritating when someone happens to come up to me when I am in a state like this, and mentions "You look red, have you been in the sun?" I am forced to lie basically and say "Why yes I have been outside or riding my bike a little, so I may be a little red." When the truth is basically that I was in "IDGAS" or basically a "DILLIGAF" mode that morning and forwent my make-up in favor of sleeping late and looking like a turd on a stick.

Finally, I'd said something about how we always seem to 'hit the highway' hoping to find a life change, but that the place we run away to has someone there who merely wants to hit the highway and find another place themselves. Then as the vicious (grass-is-greener) cycle continues, one after the other we all end up going in a great big circle chasing the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a fading rainbow until we eventually end up right back where we started. Why is 'where we are this moment' never good enough?

Then I wrapped the entire masterpiece up with some brilliant and philosophical line about how I am merely happy just hitting the highway, and that the "long way around" has never failed me, yet no matter which out of the way route I take, I always end up finding my way "Home".

It sounded so much more poetic and profound before it evaporated into thin air, I swear.

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Furtheron said...

I don't have a favourite number really.

Road trips - whilst off sick I've been watching again the Long Way Down and Long Way Round trips Ewan McGregor did, ride a bike around the world and ride a bike down through Africa.

My son has got the spirit with that trying to convince me to go on a long road trip with him in the USA next year... don't know I don't do stuff like that and I think Mrs F won't be happy with me away that amount of time either