Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hardly able to post the last few days. Every time I try to start one I get interrupted. When I am home, Mr. J won't let me get a peaceful moment to myself to post a few words. It's hard to get quiet time with no noise.

Of course at work, I can't either, so I am doing the best I can now.

Quick note, I know I have fallen off my WWC, which nobody has been by to check in on that anyways, except my B.B.F.F. (Bloggin Best Friend Forever-ha-ha) Jay (Cynical Bastard). He keeps check on me.

Hopefully you guys don't hate me, but it's just been such a stressful whirlwind of stuff lately... I'm really tired of the daily grind and the hustle and flow... I need a mountain spring and a cold foggy lake morning with a hot cup of coffee. Luckily, we're going this weekend to Bowling Green so I'll have something new and interesting to talk about.

Meanwhile, if you guys could help me with WWC by telling me what the heck to do with it now. I am lost. I don't know where to start or what to do. I need a lifeboat for the Weekly Words Challenge. I'd like to continue participating, but haven't been able to take pictures or even get an idea for what to do. Any help is appreciated...

Miss you all my blog friends... AJ


Jay said...

Just snap pictures all around town and then make them work somehow. That's what I do. LOL ;-)

Janet said...

Look for things that catch your eye...there's sure to be stuff in Bowling Green!

Furtheron said...

hectic life... now that sounds too familiar