Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please Come Home

Speaks for itself, so I don't really need to type out some overly-wordy blog post today...

Holidays suck way more when you're alone.


Four Dinners said...

You aren't alone babe...you just feel alone.

You aren't.


4D xxxxx

BBC said...

Look, toots, don't make a big deal out of some holidays and you won't have to feel alone during them.

You're not feeling alone because of this fucked up holiday season, you're feeling alone cuz you don't have a pecker to polish.

Forget love for a while, just like some guy and polish his pecker and see how it goes, all love starts out that way.

If it don't work out with him go find another pecker to polish. You know that I'm right if you think back on it, that's how you did things before you got so messed up and damaged.

Leave your baggage on the curb and go have some fun. :-)

BBC said...

On the other hand, if you want him back that bad grab a gun and drag his stupid ass back. :-)

Chelly said...

I'm here for you too baby girl. xo

BBC said...

Have a good weekend hon.

BBC said...

And now it's christmas day.

Easy day for me, I don't get into all that bullshit.

Have a good one.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks as always y'all.