Thursday, December 15, 2011

Over The Gump

You know, the more I live and learn about people, the more I confidently say that Stupidity is a sexually transmitted disease. Many people who have no business having children just keep spreading it like crazy... I know that sounds a little cynical and inhumane, but hey the truth when told really "smarts" sometimes.

One thing that I can't help but wonder is why the biggest idiots are always the ones opening their mouths and trying to show off, acting like they have all the answers.

Sometimes you really do want to smack them in the mouth and scream, "Hey Stupid!! Shut the Hell up, and save some oxygen for the people with half a brain!"

They make themselves look so much more asinine when they insist on basting us in their verbal vomit than if they could just sit back in silence, giving everyone's ears a break from their incessant aural assault. Then regarding their brainlessness?

None would be the wiser!

Lately, I suppose I have just had my fill of the dazed and confused, the dopey, doltish, thick-headed, moronic, half-baked, out-to-lunch, several-bricks-shy-of-a-load LOSERS! It's just such a drain on my energy. After all, you can't get through to someone with no capability for "reason". It's a losing game. As Albert Einstein once said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

However mind-boggling, it is still hilarious as hell when you run across those that think they are so very clever, and think they are fooling anyone with their games. That's when it's fun just to sit back and watch them hang themselves with their own 'Stupid Rope'. Though this will probably get me cussed out, I have to say in certain cases Sterilization is a damn good idea.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."
-Bertrand Russell 


BBC said...

True, you can't fix stupid, or the brainwashed. But you can get into George Carlin.

Furtheron said...

When I was still a lush I used to get a couple (5 or 6) drinks inside me and the bullshit would start coming out of my mouth, couldn't stop it. I needed to tell you, you and especially you about me, why I was better than you, why you wished to be me and why you wish you'd not been born you. Now of course I was normally lying through my teeth about everything, I was playing a role the character I thought those in front of me needed to see in their lives that day. There are many out there I now know doing the same thing (and not by anymeans all of them drunks). But they have to play that game, I have a really good radar on them now, the mannerisms, the language, the tone, the volume etc. Boorish I believe it is called but it is simply mental illness. I realise now that most people do indeed spot these poor losers but let them as you say hang themselves on the gibbet of their own stupidity

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC, I love Carlin, I actually saw him perform at one of the Casinos a few years back, best money ever spent on a ticket.

Furtheron, thanks for sharing that, I understand, and I am so happy that you are doing so well now. As I always like to say, If you're judging me on my past, then you are WAYYYY behind.

Furtheron said...

and of course the real reason I behaved like that was because I actually hated myself and felt a complete failure/fraud... once you are contented you don't feel the need to tell everyone about it... anyone who tells you how great their life is without you asking them or in an appropriate setting is probably lying I think... ;-)