Friday, April 02, 2010

Rotten Eggs

Easter Weekend is here, it's hard to believe. I feel like we just went through New Years and into 2010. Of course time is flying by like it always does. So Friday... yep, "Good Friday" and we are looking down the barrel of a long holiday weekend, and I'm happy about that.

I haven't written much lately because at first of course, I had the horrible cold and felt like crap, and then this week started out fine, but I jarred my back when I hit a bump on my bike, but am trying not to complain too much, so I won't go on and on. Just know that I have not been very comfortable. I'm working through it.

Lately I have been noticing a few things of course that annoy me. Some of these things are the same old tried and true "bad drivers" and "rude employees", but I am really aiming at the Burger King commercials specifically. The latest one I have not actually watched because I have Tivo and I fast-forward through it, but even on FFWD the thing still annoys me because it basically ends with the Burger King Dude riding a sport bike. I want to pull an "Elvis" and shoot the television.

Yes, I know I have the choice to look away, right?? I don't know why I am compelled to look yet despise the Burger King Dude... come on, I know there is a growing population of BKD haters!! :)

Interruptions caused me delay in finishing up of this post, so on we go:

Mom's birthday was Friday (4/2), so we spent the night there, watched a couple movies and visited. Got up this morning, had some coffee and oatmeal, and then got attacked by Mom's cat, "Marty". He got pissed off at me for some reason, and nearly took a hunk out of my arm. Marty has always been wild, he's not a domesticated cat, but the son of a stray that was also born of a stray. He's feral, but a good cat, and Mom loves him. He usually doesn't get mad at me, but I spatted him on the hip for acting like he was going to bite, then I guess it escalated. So I have a big row of teeth marks on my arm, and it looks like it's going to bruise.

Mom's house... yeah, normally I spend the night before Easter and dye eggs, which was a big thing for my Dad and me actually, so I am a bit depressed off dying eggs these days. I just can't seem to find the inspiration to do it, it's not fun anymore, not without Daddy. That isn't what stopped me from spending the night tonight at Mom's though, it was just that Richie had already begged me to go with him to see the MMA fights for the guys he has been training with. We went to Tunica to see them, and it was quite fun. I was glad I went to support him and hang out. Afterward, we grabbed a bite to eat.

An interesting thing I saw there was one of the other teams sported shirts that said "Jesus Didn't Tap Out" (the T on Tap was the cross). Well of COURSE Jesus didn't tap out, the man had his hands nailed up, so I am kind of inclined to think it doesn't count. I bet he really would have wanted to tap out if his hands were free, and of course if "Tapping Out" had been invented by that time. So, uhhh shirts not so genius guys.

So anyroad, tomorrow is actually Easter Sunday, and since things have changed so drastically, I'm not sure it is anything to write home about, but I will be there for a while for my Mom. I wish all the time I could find ways to make things happier for her, but nothing seems to do the trick. I don't know what to do, and I find myself most helpless, unable to make a difference where usually I am always able to make people feel better. I wish I wish...

I must move from that subject right now to something the rest of you may or may not be privy to. Usually, I am one of the last people to read a news article, or find out something funny or kooky about a celebrity, which is disappointing because I enjoy telling others about interesting things, but it kind of bums me out when I try to tell it and you've all seen it months before. Nonetheless, I have to briefly blog about this.

My besty and I were having a discussion recently about Vincent Gallo, just because she had re-watched "Buffalo 66" and then just got interested in some of his projects. After all, he is a very interesting celeb, quite the strange guy, but in my opinion he is quite creative and very eclectic. Just an all-around 'artist' type personality. When I was nosing around the site (linked above) on his website, I was looking through the art and photo prints, merchandise and the like, and I happened to stumble across a link to "personal services".

Maybe you should check it out before going forward with the post.

Apparently, you can have him for a fantasy evening or weekend, as long as you are a 'naturally born female', and EVEN POSSIBLY obtain his sperm for the purpose of having a child that would be predisposed to his brilliance (except you can't use his surname)... IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

I read it and I know that he has a strange and funny side, yet something about all this makes me believe he is serious... but IS he SERIOUS?? It's a bit mad, but he is not an ordinary guy, not by any means... I just don't know. Read it and you be the judge.

That about wraps it up, I suppose. I was interrupted about 6 different times from Richie (a.k.a. Mr. J) wanting me to watch a clip on T.V., then allow him to show me a couple of different Jiu Jitsu maneuvers, which always hurts me because it's rough, and I don't know anything about it and am uncomfortable being flipped around and just don't like it. He doesn't "get it" and ends up resenting the fact that I don't like him to put me in these holds... Who could blame me?

But that plus a few other delays caused this entry more delay than it should have. It's an empty, rambling entry and on a normal day might have taken me 10 minutes tops.

Oh joy to the rotten eggs of life. Happy Easter Y'all.

Had to laugh at this one.

Just a few Easter funnies, some of them never get old... ;)

Have A Great Weekend. ~AJ


furiousBall said...

don't shoot the TV, it's not it's fault that the stupid BK guy is on there all the time

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Ok Van, you got a deal :) Besides, it would only hurt ME hehe. Plus I don't have the money to keep buying them like Elvis did.

Jay said...

The Burger King guy is super creepy. Even makes Ronald McDonald look not so creepy.

Happy birthday to Jackie's mom!!

and Happy Easter babe!

Furtheron said...

Old Adolf - what a wacky guy :-)

THe Vincent dude thing... that's too weird... never heard of him so nothing to base it on... but weird.

Four Dinners said...

Happy Birthday mom!

I told Jacqui we were eating rabbit Easter Sunday and she hit me!!! Kids!!!

Apart from my temporary anal fixation, it was, indeed, a good weekend.

You too?

4D x

Blogger said...

Anybody else wants a FREE BURGER KING GIFT CARD?