Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Allow me to bend your eyes, bend your mind for a few. Stop what you're doing and take this opportunity for a little mental "getaway" courtesy of me, AJ.

Getting away for a few rare moments of solitude is an almost daily "must" for me. I know some days you feel as though you are too busy to put down what you are doing and step away; but I promise you that if you can just manage 10, 15 minutes as a gift to yourself you will come back with renewed energy and focus.

When kicking back in search of Nirvana, I always take my shoes off. Being barefoot in the grass (as long as you mind where you step), is one of the most soul-refreshing things you can do.

Get back to Earth too. One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful day, is grab a quilt and lay out in the middle of the pasture. Just being caressed by the sun and breeze, hearing the sounds of nature and feeling the strength of the Earth underneath you can ground you and leave you with peace.

Even if you don't have a pasture, there's always a park or even your own bed or other quiet spot. You can turn off all of the electronics, gadgets and noise and just "be". There are CDs of nature too, so try it.

Today, as a reward for meeting some deadlines, I am sitting at the park in my car with the windows rolled down, radio off and taking in the sounds of the birds, leaves rustling in the slight breeze and imagining I am some place away from it all.

Aside from the crazy kids screaming and playing nearby on the jungle gym, and the psycho ice cream man trolling through playing his psychotic bell version of "It's a Small World", I am proud to say that I have relaxed enough to bring my potential body count down to at least 50 today. (I jest)

So you see, this relaxation thing really benefits us all.

Wishing you the utmost in serenity, or at least the tools and the cool calculation you need to deal with all the rest. ;-).



Nothingman said...

i live alone so all my time is alone time for me :D


Furtheron said...

great sentiments... thanks

Four Dinners said...

This cuckoo ain't landed yet...;-)

4D x