Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Long Ago

Back in the day, way back in the days before television and cool gadgetry, families gathered together after a long, hard day and were transported to the only world of entertainment they had, the radio.

Off and on I find myself indulging in these classics, and imagining what it must have been like when women still took great pride in their appearances, and went to so much trouble to stay lady-like and feminine. They wore pristine suits and gloves and hats, and the men did too. I'm not saying there weren't hard working people in tattered garments and worn jeans and all that, but not in public. Those clothes were for working, and for working in the fields and getting dirty.

If you were showing your face in public you were presentable and elegant. You got 'dressed for dinner', everyone sat down at the table, in the dining room and had dinner as a family. Yes certainly there were exceptions to this, but I think it's the way I romanticize the era when I listen to the songs, and these radio classics.

Why am I drawn to this? I listen in and almost imagine myself there, maybe as a sassy stenographer living in New York City like "My Friend Irma", Walking the city streets in my fancy little dress suit, perfectly styled. Maybe I have on shiny, pointy-toed pumps and can actually walk in them. If I were like Irma, I might have some suave, city-slicker boyfriend who takes me to dinner... Chivalry isn't yet dead. :)

I've often fantasized about running a cool little Italian Pizzeria where the waiters and waitresses would present themselves with style. I fancied maybe playing nothing but the old Italian singers like Perry Como, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra... on some beautifully restored jukebox from the past. Those singers are a mix of eras of course, but they still remind me of the mystery of a time gone by that I wasn't a part of.

These things make me feel as though there was once romance, neatness, lower crime rates, ladies, gentlemen and simplicity.

Here's a video link to an episode of "My Friend Irma"

It offers the next segments once you've listened to the first... give it a try, it's cool!

And here is one of my favorite songs from back in the day. One you might hear if you ever come out to "Jaxxx's Pizzeria". Play and Enjoy!


Jay said...

Yeah, those were the good old day. Well, kinda. ;-)

Furtheron said...

Perry Como?!?

Apart from that a good idea - go open the pizzeria it'll be a smash hit

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Hahaha I know what you mean Jay, nothing was perfect. I just found a little spot in time I can romanticize. :)

Furtheron, I know I know-it's weird, Perry Como. But anyways, even if I wanted to start the Pizzeria, I have no idea how to do it, and I would need to find the perfect recipe that topped everyone's.

I'm a great ideas person, but I can never get to the goal line.

furiousBall said...

aside from the racism in some areas of the country, not a bad era... which could probably be said for any era

Furtheron said...

Perry Como - he did that flipping "What did Delaware?" song didn't he? They used to play that one "Ed Stewart's Junior Choice" which was on the Radio when I was kid and my Mum used to try to get me to sing along! Holy Crap!!! Oh the memories - that and "She'll be coming round the f***ing Mountain" No wonder in a couple of years after that I was buying Hendrix albums! :-)

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Well I live in a place where Racism is still around quite often. I don't know how I survived and turned into the person I am today!! Maybe because of seeing it? But yes, I realize the older generations were more closed minded and stiff.

I just think of this music and the era and imagine what it must've been like. I am just a weirdo.

And YES FURTHER I realize that Perry Como is a little sucky haaha But I think it's just the sound of the era and thinking about City life, like the mobsters listening to their italian singers and hanging out. :))

And you KNOW how I feel about Hendrix and the rest, I spent my life naming vehicles and such after them :)

Chelly said...

Jax, we're on the same wavelength here. I've been watching some classics from the fifties recently. I love Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield and of course Marilyn.

Dean Martin was my favorite. Frank wasn't so bad either. :) And Perry Como...he was wonderful.

Cynnie said...

I LOVE dean Martin..LOVE LOVE
and i love the dresses women wore back then...they would so hide my thighs now :)