Thursday, March 30, 2017

Grass Is Always Browner

Yes, you read that right. As Chris Brown might say, "Grass Ain't Greener". Most times, we learn this in life the hard way. We live in a day and age where people treat everything as disposable. You don't like your job? You quit. You don't like your house or car? You sell it, even though you might go upside down financially. Hate your job? You quit... Hate your husband or wife? "Hey, it's been fun!! I'm outty." Then you pack a bag and go off to spend the night somewhere else, and never come back. Wait, I'm getting a little personal there. Back in the old days, people worked through hard times, made a steel commitment to things in their lives, not a plastic one. So in my recent interest in these 'interesting' obscure holidays, I decided to place focus on "Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day", celebrated annually on March 30th.

This holiday was created to honor the people who never left their old life just because they thought the "grass was greener on the other side." It was also created to inspire people to be happy with what they have, rather than selfish and greedy and envious of other people.

That's not a bad reason to celebrate a day and remind ourselves to be happy right here, right now, and be happy instead of looking for happiness, searching nonstop when it's always within, so that can happen anywhere you are. Be Happy!

You may be asking yourself why I have been digging up these oddball holidays and incorporating them into my blog notes? Well, since I am encouraging myself to write more, I find that they are pretty good writing "prompts", and many times they remind me of something that may turn into a story that will end up enhancing my post. At the very least, we are learning some things we didn't know about, and some of them are kind of fun to boot. So roll with me, eh? I'm going to keep writing, and eventually one of these days I'll have my book. (Nods, makes sassy clicking noise with mouth and winks).

"Okay Jax, that's cool. We'll roll along. So what were the other holidays for March 30th?"

Oh yeah I'm sorry, I thought you'd never ask. When I was looking these up, I found these other unique holidays recognized for today:

-National Doctors Day (Hmmmm, play doc?)
-National I am in Control Day (Is that so?)
-Clams On the Half Shell Day (No brainer, feast out)
-Pencil Day (I draw the line on this one)
-Take a Walk in the Park Day (Unless you're like me, too lazy)
-Turkey Neck Soup Day (Another yummer, gobble up!)
-World Bipolar Day (Nevermind I changed my mind about it all, now get out of my face!!!)

Have fun you guys, and make of these what you will. I have more work to do before the day is done, so see you on the flip side.

Just me,

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