Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage Mania Monday

It's Monday, that sucks and we deserve a little laugh. I have recently found a number of creepy, whacked out and just plain 'wrong' old Vintage ads, and I give you a peek at these of course including my commentary. Enjoy the slideshow!

If you have trouble viewing the slideshow or reading the captions, Click Here To View Photos.


Ily said...

Good stuff! I like the vigra gum massager! Gotta add that one to my Christmas wish list! lol

Furtheron said...

Fantastic... the gun family one was the best for me.

Jay said...

I never avoid dirty women. They're my favorite. ;-)

BBC said...

Monday suck? Hell, a Monday is just another day to me, always has been.

Aunt Jackie said...

Ily lol I will try to find one of those and send it to you hehe... maybe I'll grab 2 of them, just in case.

Further, yeah the gun thing was funny to me too. I don't know, I have a hard time picking a favorite!

Jay, I would never take away your right to the dirty women. lol Maybe the creator of those ads was one of your ancestors lol!!!

BBC, well until I break free of my self-induced chains then Mondays, for me at least, will continue to suck. :)