Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lots To Talk About, Nothing Much To Say

Even when I ramble on, I guess it's just a bunch of "Malarkey" as my Dad always called it.

So many zany and interesting thoughts pass through my skull on a daily basis, and I forget to write all of them down.

Maybe I should start to carry that little digital recorder around with me everywhere so I can capture each and every little and genius and amazing notion. But now I will just ramble a bit and see what comes.

My kickboxing class fell through today since the teacher wasn't feeling that well and the other ladies in class had things going on. I was the only one who showed up today, and since it seems like we all had a rough go starting the week, I bowed out and gave Mrs. F an R&R day. I figured I could use the extra day to recharge my batteries too. I think we'll all feel a little better Friday, and maybe everyone will be there.

So I went back home, and Richie (who is slightly ailing from an Arm Bar by his instructor), and I went to our favorite little Mexican place for some supper. We exchanged a few funny little jokes with our waiter, who has become more of a good friend by now I suppose. He happened to mention that the news had been showing some of the happenings "on this day" in history. One of note was the 1994 OJ Simpson murder incident / car chase (one of the slowest car chases in history).

The actual slow car chase happened on June 17th when OJ failed to turn himself in.

As I eyed the footage, I was reminded of how funny it was watching the police on the news just trail behind OJ as he puttered around in his white bronco. What a time, that was just... so weird looking back.

My best friend Tamra and friend at the time Sherry laughed and made jokes for the longest time, every time they would see a white bronco out and about. "Oh my god, there goes OJ!!!" I remember that well.

All this "Malarkey" got me looking up a few other important moments from today in history:

1890 Stan Laurel comedy team Laurel and Hardy was born in Lancashire, England.
1903 Ford Motors incorporates
1903 Pepsi Cola company forms
1960 "Psycho," opens in NY
1967 Monterrey International Pop Festival Opened
1974 Homer Simpson & Marge Bouvier wed
1989 "Ghostbusters II" premieres
1990 "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer peaks at #8
1996 96th U.S. Golf Open: Steve Jones shoots a 278 wins at Oakland Hills CC

Ehh, I dunno. Something's always going on of course... We can always look back in awe or laugh at the funny and strange things that have happened throughout our world's history, but it does us positively no good for the present.

I personally feel that there is nothing at all wrong with missing the past, thinking about what might have been or having hope for the future. That's only human, and after all we're here to learn all we can about how to do that. The important thing is to keep moving, and never get too lost in the past or the future.

The present, that's really all we've got. What the world needs now, is more "NOW". If we could all learn to just BE and become more accepting of all that is, then the peace and love would just come naturally. Yes, open up and live in the NOW. After all, "THIS-- this was what made life: a moment of quiet, the water falling in the fountain, the girl's voice... a moment of captured beauty. He who is truly wise will never permit such moments to escape." (Louis L'Amour)

Now, as I never like to take too much seriousness in anything along with the fact that I couldn't find a decent motivational poster to sum up my entire jug of philosophical word vomit (above), I decided to leave you with this guy. ;) Have a good'n y'all.


Furtheron said...

I was in a bar in Boston Logan airport watching that car chase waiting on a flight back to the UK. Amazing how you know where you exactly were for some things. Often ... in a bar in Boston... i.e. start of USA hosted world cup - in a bar in Boston listening to a barmaid berate the English saying she was glad we'd not qualified for the tournament. I was on my own but in the bar were a load of lads in Irish shirts. She was bigging up the Irish and slagging off the English as I say. I thought "Funny that, they all have Liverpool accents". So I went to leave and didn't leave a tip - she complained and I pointed out that for the last 2 hours she'd slagged off my country so I didn't think I'd tip her. Just as it could have turned ugly the "Irish lads" sweep me up and we all leave - they didn't even pay their bill and they informed stunned waitress that she ought to get her accents sorted as most of the "Irish" fans over were actually English second borns who just wanted a world cup jolly. Classic!

Jay said...

I remember every second of that low speed chase. It still stands as one of the most surreal days ever.