Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creepy Goes Commercial

A few posts back I touched on creepy vintage ads in print. Now I simply must share these creepy commercials that I found in the depths of Marketing Hell.

Toy Commercial Fail

Good luck trying to go to sleep... ever again!

McCreepy McCommercial

No, he's no stranger, he's just a burger wielding psychotic clown who preys on young junk food eating innocents.

Taste My Niblets

Maybe they were trying to scare the kids into eating their veggies?

No creepy commercial post would be complete without...

Waking Up With A Heart Attack

The King Pole Dancing (was a close 2nd)

Any way you slice it, Burger King is Royally Creepy.

Freaky Frost Bites

It's nice to know that we haven't lost the creep factor in our modern commercials.

And for a final freak out attack...

Happy Meal

This is french, and I don't think it's an actual commercial but it will probably make you a vegetarian anyway haha!


Reb said...

The laughing doll is the creepiest, love the French happy meal!

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