Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Get Drunk, Go Caroling, Game On!

Not much going on in the land of Jax today, the work day has been a little slow, and it is raining here in the Mid-South. I'm still holding out hoping for a bit of snow on Christmas. I heard a report that we might get some snow. If so, maybe it will be enough to make a snowman?

We shall see.

Anyway, today I find on the calendar three weird holidays.
1. Games Day,
2. Sangria Day, and
3. Go Caroling Day.

I thought it was kind of funny, these three holidays seem to go quite well together. You can throw together a big pitcher of Sangria and get drunk, play some games and go out drunk caroling. (You can put these in any order you'd like, really, whatever works best for you. Now there are other little holidays, but those were the 3 that I found for today, December 20th.

Can you imagine the hilarious possibilities? Tell you what, YOU go out and try combining these, while I stay home and play my Sims 4 game, how about that? I'm too lazy to get out in this weather and go do much of anything after I get off work.

Let me know how it turns out, and party on! ~Jax

Still Better than Nickelback!! Hahaa!!!

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