Monday, May 01, 2017

Digital Prisons and Mayday

Happy Mayday! Mayday can either mean "Mayday! Mayday!" (as a distress signal used by ships or aircrafts, etc) or it can be all about May Day celebrated on the 1st. For me, it's today, although we could always use a little help and support, right?

The last few days, I've been in "Facebook Jail" (so affectionately named) That means I have been locked from being able to post, like or comment from my timeline. This was due to some weird incident where someone reported my profile, and they made me verify the page and some content. These types of things are ridiculous to me since I never put anything THAT offensive on my FB page, but you have people out there that just want to cause you issues, and sometimes hackers and Internet Trolls that do these things. There are also angry significant others who get mad at something in regard to their partner, and do this in an attempt to stop something they're angry about. What they're not thinking about is that if their Significant Other is doing shady activity, or cheating on them, etc, going after the people that they think the person is attempting to talk to (if that is the case) is basically like trying to put a small band-aid on a huge open wound. It's an attempt to fix a symptom, but is never going to cure the disease. The only way anyone can begin to fix a situation like this is to take it up with the "main culprit" (a.k.a. the Cheater). The truth is, you can block, report, threaten and cuss out a thousand people, in an attempt to get your partner to be faithful to you, but your partner will keep finding more. They're not going to stop the behavior unless they truly have something to lose (that means something to them), and are at a point in their life where they want to change... sad, but true. So if you're in a situation where your partner is hurting you by flirting, pursuing others and doing things that hurt you, address it with them because 9 times out of 10 the people that they are talking to have no idea they're taken, and do not know there are boundaries because your partner has not set boundaries, and is encouraging the communication. You gotta treat the disease itself, not just the side effects... okay, just a quick PSA.

I am not saying that was the reason for my situation. To be honest, I have no idea why my profile was reported, as stated I did not have anything on there that was offensive, maybe a bit of dirty humor here or there, but nothing that would merit being reported. After all the x-rated content and hate groups that go without being resolved or reprimanded on social media sites, they choose to pick on their long-term, loyal clients and give us a hard time. Whatever.

So, even though I never feel like anybody is really reading or paying attention to anything I post, share, write or whatever when this happened I had several people worrying about what happened, and evidently missing my presence there on their timeline. This was good, but I tried to let them know that I am blogging and that they can come over and read, keeping up on their dose of Jax here. Well, I'm doing my best to keep this up--and so far, so good. I've been writing a pretty good deal, and enjoying it immensely, even if it wasn't but a blurb or two, and as well when I get out a good story.

So if you're reading this and you've come from one of the social media sites, great... Hello! If you're one of my regular readers, hello as well. I'm always glad to know I'm being read, to be honest. I would love for you to leave a comment so that I know you're here, and feel free to share your thoughts on what I write. It makes me happy... yes it's selfish, I love comments and acknowledgement. I'm admitting it, please comment for me.

Funny how we become what you could consider "slaves" to our social media, and digital tools... Video games, blogs, Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, all those things. It's good but it's bad. We sometimes wonder how we ever made it without all these things, but I honestly look back and think it's possible that I was way happier then than I am now. Pros and cons, really, but looking back it feels like such a simpler time before these digital prisons came along. Everyone's different. Oh well.

So it's May 1st, that gives me pause to want to read all about the things that are recognized and celebrated in May. As I started keeping up with this, I searched a lot of sites and found this link, which I've been using pretty consistently, to keep up with these observances (seems to be the one with the most thorough list).  Here it is again for you all to peruse. Holidays and Observances

Holidays that fall on May 1st (bolding my faves):

Batman Day
Global Love Day
International Worker's Day
Law Day
Lei Day - (U.S. State of Hawaii)
Loyalty Day
May Day
Melanoma Monday - May 1, 2017 (First Monday in May)
National Chocolate Parfait Day
National Purebred Dog Day
Save the Rhino Day
Silver Star Service Banner Day

Guess that about wraps'her up for your Aunt Jax today... besides, I have a lot to get done, and a lot of people depending on me, right? So then...

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