Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Groove

It's felt like a pretty long week, with the heat, I have not had a very easy time waking up in the mornings. Nonetheless, it's finally Friday!

Guess you could say that I am doing an "okay" job of picking back up on the blog, even though I am merely posting a few scattered thoughts as I go along. Every day I learn to accept and love myself a little more, and more and enjoy the fact that the only person's opinion that matters about my thoughts, actions how I choose to live my life is ME. =)

Video thought for the day, SHAKE YO HEAD!!!


BBC said...

I didn't know that you had quit loving yourself, it's important to love yourself.

We've had a few nice days here, not hot, but almost. Clouds today though, may not to get to spray another coat of paint on the boat.

BBC said...

Hey, how can I love you if you won't lay down, hahahhaha

BBC said...

Fall out of your grove again? Shit lady, lets get it together.

Try getting pissed and copping some attitude.....

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

How bout you try shuttin the fuck up and shittin a few rainbows for a change? Help the environment by blowing less hot air, and don't come back with a blowjob joke because a band of local second graders already beat you to the punch =)

Was that good for you?