Friday, March 18, 2011

Lost In The Shuffle

Well I am slowly but surely trying to pick up and come by and post. I still haven't had enough time to get everything packed into one day that I need lately. Still under a few different fogs. I'm trying though. Richie's grandmother passed away yesterday, and there have been a multitude of work projects weighing down.

I thought I would pop in quickly and just say hello to my wonderful readers who have thought enough to stick around even though my absence has been longer than I intend most days. The weekend is here, this is Friday so why not have a very sexy, romantic song to put us all in a steamy mood for the weekend... or not. Still, I do love this song, "Lost In You" by Tank.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy and stay safe (especially anyone who's doing left-over St. Patty celebrations).


BBC said...

I spent the weekend putting down flooring in the new Hotel out at Granny's. Damn, I'm getting old, it's really hard on my knees, maybe cuz I spent too much time when younger begging for sex.

Anonymous said...

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BBC said...

Hey hon, it's been a month, snap out of it.