Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Fog

I've been in a fog, haven't had much to write home about really. The heat, life, and all of the little 'this and that' have had my mind spinning around so I have been moving in high gear, and physically unable to sit and write lately.

I'll be back on form soon, I owe it to myself since I love to write, not just because I hope you comment, even though I do hope you comment.

Reading through old stuff, it would be nice to find something interesting... an old letter, more of my old teenage journal entries, something that might be entertaining. Maybe more voice (podcast) entries, but nobody really comes around enough to say, "Yeah, do ____ (fill in the blank)."

We used to have a blog-hood, people hanging out and buzzing around each other more often, now it's more like those projects that end up deserted and boarded up... kinda depressing.

"Radiation Blues" by Dax Riggs

Bury this and the rhythm of breath, there is only death
Maybe you're dead and ya just don't know
A shadow dressed only in sorrow
Tomorrow might not exist and ya should've been dead
Should've been dead like ten times over
Like ten times over
Should've been dead like ten times over
By the hand of your lover
By the side of the river should've been dead
Bury this song and the rhythm of breath
There is only death
There is only death, only death
These radiation blues sister
Gonna make me true
Movin' through the bones of you
These radiation blues
Movin', movin', movin', movin'


BBC said...

I've been in a fog, haven't had much to write home about really.

I wish that I could just shut the hell up, but at least all I'm doing in the morning is posting pictures.

Furtheron said...

I'm a bit like you... there is a lot happening at the moment but nothing that I think is interesting to others...

Christine Macdonald said...

Hope you are feeling better. This Life thing is hard, this is for certain.