Stuck Mojo

I DON'T GOT my Mojo workin... I'm looking at my recent posts, and I'm not very happy with how lazy I am at writing these days. Given the state of the world and everyone stuck at home, I should be diving deep into my creative endeavors. This is the way it goes with me, back and forth. I need a muse, or some vibes that get me back into being the creative and magical child I once was. I need to be around creative types, artists again... It's tough because as things still stand, even now as July is coming to a close and we are looking down the barrel at August already (seems like we just turned the New Year), we're still isolating, keeping 'social distances' and staying away from crowds as much as possible. So we all have to push ourselves more, or self-motivate. It's not easy sometimes.

Keeping this short, really... Not much to say. I have a lot of work to get done really, and things to get accomplished around here, but I miss hearing from readers. Is anybody actually out here, reading anymore? Is anyone listening? 

If you read this, leave me a comment and let me know if there is anything still worth blogging about... it's a dying art, I guess.

Anyroad, here's to MOJOS!


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