Thursday, December 08, 2016

Whateva Will Be

There is a pretty significant gap between my last post and this one, which I didn't intend, but as usual it happens sometimes. I was looking at my last post, and trying to remember why I would even toss that sort of "quickie" lame type of thing up, but I was probably just trying to post and was pressed for time. Lame, lame, lame. ;-)

The time between that and now has not been the most pleasant,  I've had some issues and gone through a few things. No reason, honestly for me to detail all of that, I don't want to put every detail out to the m-asses, but just know I am working through it, looking forward to it being all better soon, and doing my best to "keep on keeping on"... after all, whateva will be, right?

Everything from the last few months has written home to me about how I truly need to press forward and utilize my talents more. This life is so short, and we waste so much of it catering to others' satisfaction and happiness, including but not limited to their "approval" of what we do and how we live our lives (usually this applies to family, especially in my case--and PLEASE DON'T COMMENT THAT YOU DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS, I KNOW THAT, I'M NOT ADDRESSING YOU, JUST SPEAKING IN GENERAL)--that was my Disclaimer thanks.

I know that it's a free country and everyone can comment what they please, but it really irritates me when I am just writing in general, making a point or just expressing my own thoughts and someone has to clarify that shit, "Not me, I've never cared what anyone thinks, I live my life the way I want" or something like that. Everything I write doesn't need a contradictory response, or a lesson in reply. Thanks.

So this morning, I'm not very busy and I just felt like typing a little bit, as I type fast, I really enjoy typing and it always seems to relax me. Writing, poetry, lyrics, stories, etc--that is one of my biggest loves along with my art and music, I really want to do more with it, and given the opportunity I am sure as hell going to try.

I've lived my entire life, thus far, taking care of everyone, staying near home out of guilt and worrying about disappointing my family. It is high time that I get some real joy and quality of life out of whatever I have left. Word... 100... enjoy your day.

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