Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How You Doin?

Nothing much going on today, I am just doing a little reading, catching up and trying to get more job leads. I do enjoy the time off, but I am no fool, I know I have to work for a living. I have been submitting resumes and I have a few bites, so I hope something will pan out soon.

Since re-opening this, my original blog, I'm wondering how everyone is doing. Are you guys out there? Still reading, writing? I'm trying to check back by on everyone and see who's still activated and current, and who's still long gone.

If you are new or old to this blog, still, feel free to leave me a comment. Let me know you're out there. Let's all get back to writing more. It is doing me some good, and I think I am doing better... at least from expressing myself. As for life, well, I am still forced to take that moment to moment.

Here's mud in your eye ;-)

Jax (Aunt Jackie)


Pallav said...

Yooooo AJ!

Nothingman/Pallav here! Great to see you're coming back to blogging. I guess this was meant to be after twitter and facebook become too intrusive and horrible.

Hope the job search is going well. I am also on a time off and I am thinking of regenerating the fubar69 blog once more. Been posting there on and off, mostly on tumblr too. I don't know who else from the old blog rolls is still active...but it'd be good to see some of the old gang here.

This is turning out to be a long comment!


take care!


Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Yes hello Pallav!! Great to see you too, I'm trying to read around and play catch up. Hope all is well, thanks for the comment!!


Graham Hunt said...

Hi. I'm still about - but more on Wordpress these days. I seemed to gravitate there as there's a strong recovery blog community. I have as well as and use Wordpress for more life and recovery stuff and the blogspot one for more the guitars and music side.

Hope to read more from Bizarro Aunt Jackie in due course...