Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June Bugs

In an effort to glean a bit of inspiration for June, I filtered through some of my past writings, I have had quite a few poetic moments on this blog. I realize how badly my posts as of late surely pale in comparison. Believe me, some of my thoughts and moments could compete, but I can't publish it all. You will simply have to wait for my autobiography to be published. :)

This year is definitely zooming by, I feel like we just got through New Year's and already six months have evaporated before our very eyes. It has been an emotionally up and down time, sometimes I feel like I'm just floating helplessly in a creaky little boat on a stormy sea, but I'm hanging on to the boat, not the shore, popping my Dramamine and doing my best to ride the waves.

Everything comes gradually at its appointed hour, there's a bigger picture and plan. So, we keep on rolling along.

Shouts out today to Richie, it's his birthday and I hope he has a good one, still do my best to be a good friend and share the love as always, though we've been through a lot.

Ok well that about wraps up my thoughts for the day as it's all I have time for right now, maybe I will continue to ascend to bigger and better posts again, hang with me.

Happy June.


Chelly said...

hangin' with you sweetie - always! :)


Furtheron said...

flipping heck it is June! Where the hell has the year gone... now summer is passing me by whilst I slave away earning a crust :-)

Nothingman said...

yeah, fast year indeed. Time rolls on, we roll alone :)


BBC said...

June is my birth month, I'm boating Sequim Bay tomorrow, eat your heart out baby. :-)

BBC said...

Beautiful day over here, good for starting another war and blowing shit up, these monkeys sure like killing each other.

Or going boating...

Jihad Punk said...

Cold, wet, damp....yep...British summertime is here!...;-)

I'm hangin'!!

4D xx

BBC said...

Hey toots, stop fucking off and do a new post. Rise above it all.

BBC said...

Hey toots, it's the middle of July, do another post.