Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Big Chill

It's getting colder, everywhere... Chillier days, falling leaves, life's chill. I still have my own warm heart to keep me going, that is if I can keep the fire burning. People do make it hard sometimes. We have to rise above things, and it's not always easy.

Let me digress... Let's talk about something else besides my continuous growing pains. I can only imagine how boring that gets. Boy could I write a good book right now though. Going to get on that project soon... bet that. :)

The weather has been giving me the lethargic and lazy qualities, so it's been a challenge for me to get everything accomplished. I have to be very tough on myself at times to meet my deadlines and get important work finished.

There's really not much to report if I am not complaining about the current state of affairs in life, so I will just say that I am trying to get some work done, and listening to my Pandora Radio on my TV. Music always does help productivity for me. We'll see. I'll report more shortly.

That's all for now my little pretties.


Jay said...

Hola Jaxxx! It's pretty chilly here too. I've had to turn the heat on at night and even use my electric blanket. I might need to move to warmer climate. ;-)

BBC said...

Even in the summer it's seldom warm enough here for me. But I'm damn if I'll move again, I just turn up the heat.