Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Joyful as the thought may be of having all of the answers to everything, how much fun would that truly be? As painful as some of our lessons in life are, if you knew the end result of any given experience the odds are that you would avoid many endeavors that otherwise gave you a lot of joy, love and pleasure. You'd really miss a lot of those 'in between gifts'. So all's well that ends, well, even not-so-well.

Forty-two is just about as good an answer to the question of life as any I can think of, so you will just have to accept that and continue licking your wounds, and continue experiencing things that are not always joyful, magical or fairy tale endings. You'll thank me as well as yourself later for allowing yourself to live life.

Move forward, unafraid, knowing that in times of trouble you're equipped with an armor far tougher than you realized and bear a strength that has saved itself for this very moment.

Remember, "Change is neither good nor bad. It just is." That's right, it just IS and it is inevitable. What you do with the change (what you spend all of that spare change on is up to the individual. You can make it positive or negative)!

So I am waking up each day, sometimes not knowing just what's going to happen next, but I embrace the challenges that may come to pass, and know that I am going to emerge a stronger, more confident and radiant being on this sometimes-not-so-shining planet.

Each of us has different paths, although we may be traveling the same streets and highways with kindred spirits from time-to-time, and oftentimes many of us take separate exits. So, all those questions you have about your life? Only YOU can answer!

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything (42)


Four Dinners said...

By the time I twigged it was 42 I was already 52 babe....;-)

Be strong and, at all times, be you.

That's what really counts.


Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Hugs Dinners... I love you!!!

Furtheron said...

Been through 42 - actually that was the age I was when I sobered up!

Always loved the base 13 explanation and Douglas' retort about not been a sad enough case to write gags in base 13. :-0