Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I know I have really taken a dive lately in the way of my blogging, but I seriously have had too much going on in all areas of my life to think straight, or think of much to blog about, or much that I can blog about too.

No matter, I am still around and I am not quitting, just having to collect thoughts and do some soul searching, rejuvenate and regroup I guess. No fear, you can't keep Aunt Jackie down for long... just fun low on fuel every once in a while.

So this is Labor Day weekend, and it's passing off faster than it was supposed to. There is no "True Blood" this weekend, so my B.F.F., Tamra and I are not happy about that. :) Means we don't get to have our usual Day-after True Blood discussions, plus when it returns next week for the finale, we will be disappointed it's over and have to wait until next summer to get the next season. Crazy sounding, I know. But it's one of those shows for us.

Enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend to celebrate your holiday off (if it is a holiday off), or if you don't have to live life holiday to holiday and paycheck to paycheck, then consider yourself lucky and just send a few happy, healing thoughts the way of the ones of us who still do (or maybe even do some work and think of us). Thank you on behalf of us all. Enjoy and make the most of every moment on this rock, because you seriously never know what's going to happen next.

Party on, and much love,

Your Aunt Jackie

For the hard working peeps out there...


Christine Macdonald said...

Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the things we do have. I am taking a break tomorrow and spending the holiday w/ my bff and her kids.

Hugs to you sister,

Furtheron said...

Why is Labour Day (note spelling :-)) in Sept? We all celebrate on MayDay in EU... with big red banners and tanks and... oh I see :-)

BBC said...

I'm retired so none of it means a damn thing to me.

My computer is sick so I'm going to be off line for a week or two while I heal it.

Be careful out there while I'm gone.